Pro-LifeE-News Canada distributed a report today noting that the Wisconsin legislature passed bills protecting doctors from so-called “wrongful birth” lawsuits filed by women who claim they would have had an abortion if they had known that the child would have some form of a disability. (Star Tribune)

Kevorkian side-kick psychiatrist Dr. Georges Reding has been found liable in a wrongful-death lawsuit undertaken by the family of Donna Brennan, a victim of the assisted suicide activist.  Reding has been a fugitive from the law since failing to show up for his Sept 30 arraignment on first degree murder charges. (The Detroit News) 

Addressing St. Anselm College on Tuesday, Republican presidential hopeful Gary Bauer said that prejudice against Christians “is one of the last socially acceptable prejudices left in America.” Conservative News Service reports that in his speech, Bauer said, “Catholic baiting has become the anti-Semitism of the liberal elite.” 

An Internet filtering system put in place by a New York school board limiting student access to harmful material on the Internet originally included pro-abortion sites due to their offensive language while pro-life sites remained accessible. Pro-life sites, not containing similar offensive material, were later banned as well. ( 

More than 350 Lutherans from 26 states attended the 17th Lutherans For Life (LFL) convention November 5-7, celebrating life and learning how to help others choose life. The weekend focused on the theme “God Loves Life!” and featured speakers, workshops, exhibits, worship and Bible study. Dr. John Patrick, Professor of Biochemistry and Pediatrics at the University of Ottawa who has served as a medical missionary in Africa, said Americans should be more concerned about the virtues of their own country than about those in Africa. Africans, he said, are “new Christians living in a faded pagan story,” while “we are new pagans living in a faded Christian story.” (Lutherans for Life)