WASHINGTON, Feb 25 ( – This week senior US State Department official, Elaine Jones,  addressed more than 300 junior officials from the bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM), criticizing UNFPA for promoting “abortion and outdated contraceptives to Kosovars at the request of the Milosevic government. Basing her talk on investigative evidence provided by the Population Research Institute (PRI), Jones said UNFPA’s Kosovo campaign was administered in a haphazard way which threatened the health of Kosovar women.

Zenit News reports that, the IUD they were distributing is called CU 375 Multiload. This product was never sold in the West, because early testing showed that it caused too many complications. It is manufactured in the West, and is sold in third world countries.  “Moreover,” Jones said, “there is no way to determine when an IUD should be removed other than an accurate record of a woman’s medical history, something again highly unlikely to come into existence in, much less survive, a refugee setting. There are serious health threats if this IUD is left in after the prescribed duration, including scarring of the uterus, ectopic regnancy, and fetal infection if a fetus does survive to implantation.”

Furthermore documents released by PRI Wednesday indicate that UNFPA was being deceitful when it contended that the “vacuum aspirator” included in the Kosovo reproductive health kits was not for abortions but to be used “at assisted deliveries”. PRI quotes an UNFPA internal document which states that: “training in manual vacuum aspiration (suction) should be provided as the preferred method” of “appropriate safe abortion techniques” (UNFPA internal document,  “Proceedings of the Second Preparatory Meeting On Reproductive Health in Refugee Situations,”  Geneva, 5-6 1995). By providing abortion tools UNFPA is in clear violation of the “Programme of Action” of the “International Conference on Population and Development” which specifically prohibits the UN from promoting abortion.

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(with files from Zenit News)