PITTSBURGH, Mar 27 (LSN) – In a press release issued today, Chris Bell announced that his wife, Joan Andrews Bell, a US pro-life prisoner of conscience, was released from prison yesterday evening. Joan was in jail for counselling mothers entering a Pittsburgh abortuary.  Because she had refused to promise not to continue helping mothers and babies in crisis, she was given an extraordinarily stiff sentence, and no one expected she would be released so soon. Chris indicated he believed the surprise release was miraculous, in that it came just one day after a massive prayer campaign on the Feast of the Annunciation, in which many Christian churches celebrate the conception of Jesus in the womb of His mother Mary. The prayer campaign was initiated by Hoboken parish priest Fr. George Fauer, who urged Chris to “storm heaven” with prayers on that day.  Several other pro-lifers remain in prison, among them another young mother of 5 children,  and a frail, elderly man. Joan, who remains on probation, saved a child from abortion while in prison. She is spending her first free night in Pittsburgh in order to testify on behalf of the another mom in prison who is over five months pregnant and in need of medical attention.