WASHINGTON, May 16, 2002 ( – “The [U.S.] Senate has delayed until June its debate on whether to ban all cloning or allow the research exception. Aides estimate about 18 senators remain undecided. The House passed a bill banning all cloning last year,” Associated Press reports today. The House Government Reform subcommittee was looking at the issue yesterday. They heard from Rep. Dave Weldon (R-Florida) who said “this is no time for half measures. We must pass an effective ban. … It will be nearly impossible to prevent attempts at reproductive cloning once cloned human embryos are available in laboratories across this nation.”  A U.S. Justice Department statement issued at the hearing argued that allowing cloning for research would cause numerous problems such as how the government would punish a woman who illegally received a cloned embryo. “Once a pregnancy were established, any government-directed attempt to terminate a cloned embryo in utero would create problems enormous and complex,” wrote Daniel Bryant, an assistant attorney general for legislative affairs.  Kentuck fertility “expert” Panayiotis Zavos, whose expressed desire to clone humans for research is providing fuel to the anti-cloning movement also addressed the House subcommittee, urging the U.S. government to keep cloning legal. Mr. Zavos said he had not yet cloned a human embryo, but noted that he has two foreign research labs the precise locations of which he refused to disclose.  See:,1283,52575,00.html