WASHINGTON, November 8, 2001 ( – An appropriations bill for the departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education that passed the Senate last week contains an amendment that recognizes the existence of “post-abortion depression and post-abortion psychosis.” Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review, points out in her column this week that the amendment marks the “first federal recognition that women – other than the ones who actually die or are otherwise physically injured, by infections or worse, at the hands of abortionists – can actually suffer from something real: a genuine, medically recognized depression.”

The amendment implores the National Institutes of Health to “expand and intensify research and related activities . . . with respect to post-abortion depression and post-abortion psychosis.” While the amendment did not appropriate monies and will likely be dropped before the bill’s final passage, Lopez notes, “it did acknowledge that a condition exists that heretofore had been denied, dismissed as bogus and nothing more than a pro-life tactic.”

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