US Sexuality Survey Shows Gays 107% More Likely To Engage In Criminal Activities

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO., June 13, 2005 ( – A forty-eight page study to be published two weeks from now in the peer-reviewed journal, Psychological Reports, compares extensive and newly released Center for Disease Control (CDC) data, concluding that homosexuals are far more likely to engage in illegal and socially dangerous behaviour than heterosexuals. In fact, according to the study, homosexuals are over 107% more likely to have been booked for illegal activity than heterosexuals.

Dr.ÂPaul Cameron of the Family Research Institute led and penned the report, which is based upon data gathered in 1996 by the CDC.

The National Household Survey of Drug Abuse (NHSDA) asked 12,381 respondents between the ages of 18 and 59, forty-six highly personal questions, spanning their age, race, and extensive details about their lifestyle and past history. In an interview with Dr. Cameron called the survey “the largest, most elegant sexuality survey in the history of the United states”. He estimated the cost of conducting the study at $13 million.

The most remarkable thing about the NHSDA with its huge price-tag and its resultant controversial data, says Dr. Cameron, is that it hasn’t become public until now. In fact, according to Cameron the CDC, by law, was supposed to release the results of the survey, but didn’t. When Cameron got wind of it and personally hunted down the data “The National Center for Health Statistics had been sitting on it for a year.”

Even now that this data has quietly become public “The CDC has essentially neglected it” remarked Cameron. In fact, only one minor paper on the whole survey has so far been published. “It’s a shame that the largest and best sexuality study in the history of the United States is just sort of gathering dust on the shelf.”

In a press release put out by his institute Cameron alleges that the study “was withheld from the general public because of its explosive content.”

By conducting and publishing his study entitled, “Homosexual Sex As Harmful as Drug Abuse, Prostitution Or Smoking”, Cameron set out to put the data to its intended use. “You’d have to have a gob of money [to conduct such a study],” said Cameron. “We couldn’t have done it, and what is most impressive is that this is the CDC. They won’t deny that they did the study, and they won’t deny the data. Here’s the CDC, staunchly homosexual,” collecting data which proves the dangerous nature of homosexuality.

In order to make the study as scientific, comprehensive and as hard-hitting as possible, the study also compares the results of the current survey with other similar surveys, all of which, with minor exceptions, correspond to the Family Research Institute report.

The CDC itself compiled the data so as to compare the activities of those who engaged in the so-called “four recreations” (homosexuality, prostitution, illegal drug use and smoking) and those who had not. The Family Research Institute then compared this data accordingly, concluding that “Those who engaged in homosexuality were similar to those who used illegal drugs, participated in prostitution, or regularly smoked in disturbances of public health and social order. That is, similar patterns in the differences were evident in criminality, dangerousness, use of illegal substances, problems with substance use, mental health, and health costs.”

The data for criminality indicated that 22.8% of homosexuals have been booked for committing a crime, compared to 11% of heterosexuals. This statistic held true for both gays and lesbians. “That’s noteworthy,” said Cameron, “It shows a rebellion, an unwillingness to go along with society.”

The study also indicated an increase in the use of illegal substances, driving while intoxicated, and dangerous sexual practices, including intercourse with multiple and HIV+ partners.Â

Speaking on the import of his research Cameron remarked that “The scripture of the realm of modernity is scientific literature. And we want the Christian community to understand that the science is really very consistent, and highly concordant with the historic Christian position on homosexuality.”

Dr. Cameron has long been a controversial character in the sociological/psychological world for his outspoken belief in the inherent dangers and immorality of homosexual behaviour. Some have asserted that his personal beliefs have influenced his research. Cameron, however, stands firmly behind his work and the scientific purity of his methods and conclusions.

Indeed, despite the taboo which certain pro-gay institutions, including the highly pro-gay American Psychological Association (APA), have attempted to attach to Cameron, the extent of his work into the subject has attracted a great deal of attention in the last number of years and his research has been widely cited.

In fact a Wall Street Journal article from April of this year reports that the journal in which Cameron publishes his work, Psychological Report, gives the necessary nod to the opinion of the APA and increases the number of peer reviewers from the usual four to as many as twenty-one before agreeing to publish his work. Following this extraordinary and unusual level of scientific rigour, Cameron’s studies continue to be printed in the journal as perfectly acceptable work in the realm of comparative sexual research.


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