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WASHINGTON, D.C., May 12, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – The federal government appears to be getting ready for hundreds of millions of Americans to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

According to Forbes, “Two separate orders signed off on May 1, 2020, total $100 million and specify needles and syringes ‘for a COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Campaign.’”

“One $27.5 million order went to Colorado-based Marathon Medical, the other $83.7 million to Texan business Retractable Technologies,” Forbes added. “The orders were placed by the Health and Human Services (HHS) department’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR).”

The development of a vaccine is also heavily funded, both privately and by the government.

In March, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which is part of Johnson & Johnson, was granted more than $456 million in federal funding for their vaccine project using the PER C6 cell line, which comes from retinal tissue of an aborted baby.

Taxpayer money for vaccine development was also given to Sanofi (more that $30 million) and Moderna (more than $430 million).

On April 17, Archbishop Joseph Naumann, who is responsible for the pro-life activities of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, as well as other bishops and pro-life leaders from around the United States, sent an open letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), calling for the ethical development of vaccines.

“To be clear, we strongly support efforts to develop an effective, safe, and widely available vaccine as quickly as possible,” they wrote. “However, we also strongly urge our federal government to ensure that fundamental moral principles are followed in the development of such vaccines, most importantly, the principle that human life is sacred and should never be exploited.”

Bill Gates, whose pro-abortion, pro-population control foundation is heavily involved in funding the research to create a coronavirus vaccine, said a vaccine would be ready next year, at the earliest. “Like America’s top public health officials, I say that it is likely to be 18 months, even though it could be as short as nine months or closer to two years,” he wrote.

Pro-life and conservative activists have raised concerns about the role of the foundation, which is both pro-abortion and pro-contraception, in the coronavirus response. Bill Gates has said that “eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.” He also suggested that life won’t go back to “normal” until the population is “widely vaccinated.”

As reported by SFGATE, Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom echoed Gates’ assessment during a press conference on May 5, saying the Golden State was “not going back to normal” anytime soon. “It’s a new normal with adaptations and modifications, until we get to immunity and a vaccine.”

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Earlier this month, The New York Times pointed out several logistical difficulties with vaccinating an entire population, if not the whole planet.

“Here in the United States, more than 300 million people may need to be inoculated. That means at least as many vials and syringes – or double that amount, if two shots are required,” The New York Times wrote.

“To meet that demand, companies will have to ramp up manufacturing; products that doctors give little thought to now could easily become obstacles to vaccine delivery in the future.”

According to the article, herd immunity, which is established once enough people are immune to a disease to also indirectly protect others, will only be reached if 70 percent of the population are immune, either by having contracted the virus at some point, or by being vaccinated.

However, “most vaccination campaigns aim to immunize a high proportion of the population – around 90 percent – to successfully prevent transmission of disease.”

It is unclear how much of the population would consent to a coronavirus vaccine.

Over 344,000 people have signed LifeSite’s petition against a forced coronavirus vaccine.

“People of goodwill can disagree about the safety, efficacy and religious implications of a new vaccine for the coronavirus,” the petition says. “But, everyone should agree on this point: No government can force anyone who has reached legal adulthood to be vaccinated for the coronavirus. Equally, no government can vaccinate minors for the coronavirus against the will of their parents or guardians.”


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