GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands, Jan 22 (LSN) - The American Family Association (AFA) sent out an alert last week noting that the US State Department sent a message to the Government of the Cayman Islands accusing them of discrimination. The criticism follows the Cayman Island Government’s decision to turn away a cruise ship carrying 900 homosexuals which had requested docking on the island on February 1, 1997 for a one day stopover.  The Minister of Tourism of the Islands, Mr. Thomas C. Jefferson, told the homosexuals aboard the “love” boat that they would not be welcome because past behavior shows that these same-sex lovers could not be counted on “ uphold the standards of appropriate behavior expected of visitors.”  According to the Tourism Minister the overwhelming majority of the residents that had contacted his Department in Grand Cayman were in favor of the decision.  Pro-family advocates are urged to send messages of support to Mr. Thomas and the Cayman government for their courageous stand for decency. The AFA has learned that the Cayman Island government is experiencing a daily avalanche of hate-filled and threatening messages from pro-homosexual groups in America, and is beginning to feel negative repercussions from the US State Department criticism.  Cayman Island contact information:  Hon. Thomas C. Jefferson Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Transportation Government Administration Building Grand Cayman Cayman Islands Telephone: 345/949-0623 Fax: 345/949-4053 Email: [email protected]

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