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Tell Congress to stop the Biden administration from funding wars in Ukraine and Israel

(LifeSiteNews) — In a startling reappraisal of the situation in Israel, former U.S. Ambassador Chas Freeman described the official narrative of the October 7 attacks on Israel as a “cover story for genocide” – backed by “hard line pro-Israel American leaders.” 

Speaking on December 26 to behavior analyst Thomas Karat of SaltCube Analytics, he described the Israeli reaction to the October 7 assault which triggered the Gaza invasion. Speaking of the assault which triggered the Gaza invasion, he said: 

The Israeli response is essentially to conduct a genocide in Gaza. They are attempting to expel or murder all the Palestinians there. This is a crime against humanity under international law, but Israel justifies it with a cover story, which is that it is going after Hamas.

Freeman’s analysis, drawn from a lifetime at the highest level of U.S. diplomacy, reads as a stark warning of the consequences of current U.S. foreign policy, which he says has been directed by a powerful pro-Israeli lobby, and which he says are destroying U.S. power and prestige abroad. 

The myth of October 7 

The mainstream media tells us that the war in Gaza was triggered by the slaughter of Israeli citizens attending a music festival, by the Islamic militia Hamas. Instead, it appears many Israelis were killed by their own army, following a secretive government doctrine known as “The Hannibal Directive.” 

Freeman points out how Israel’s war in Gaza began with a lie. 

Reflecting extensive research by independent journalist Max Blumenthal, Freeman refers to the “outlandish music festival… taking place beside a concentration camp” at which over a thousand Israelis lost their lives. 

“The people who were killed there were largely killed, it appears, by hellfire missiles and by other undisciplined fire by Israeli forces” 

When truth is a conspiracy theory 

Freeman’s comments recall a world exclusive report by Blumenthal’s The Grayzone on October 27. 

Citing extensive Israeli sources, Blumenthal was accused by an Israeli journalist from Ha’Aretz of spreading a “conspiracy theory”  about the fact that the Israeli army bombed Israeli houses and even its own military base with tank shells and missiles fired from Apache helicopters. 

Whilst Hamas did indeed kill Israeli civilians during its military action, a month later, Ha’aretz confirmed the Grayzone report as true, admitting that it was Israeli action which killed many of its own people. It should also be understood that most Israelis of fighting age, in civilian clothes or not, were considered by Hamas to be combatants because they are almost all reservists or otherwise in the Israeli military as required by law.

The reason for this action is said to be the secretive “Hannibal Directive,” which dictates that Israelis taken captive should be killed by the military rather than left in the hands of Palestinian militants. 

An Israeli helicopter pilot quoted by Ha’aretz supported the charge Israelis had been murdered by their own army according to this Israeli government doctrine. 

Freeman claims the Hannibal Directive led to most of the deaths on the day, as it dictates, “rather than get into bargaining over a hostage exchange, you should just kill the Israeli hostages along with their captors. And that was also a factor here.” 

Buying American leadership: The power of the Israel lobby 

His analysis also shows how a powerful Israeli lobby in the United States has financed the campaigns of a succession of “hard-line pro-Israel American leaders”  including most U.S. presidents in recent memory. 

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This enormous influence explains how Americans come to know so little of a war their representatives are doing so much to escalate, and its distortions in the mainstream media help to sell wars by misdirection. 

Recalling the infamous remarks of Nimrata “Nikki” Haley, who called for Israel to 

“Finish them!”  speaking of retaliation for atrocities attributed to Hamas, analyst Thomas Karat then says Haley followed up with a shameless attempt to link the October 7 attacks to Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Freeman explains these outbursts  and the misleading of the U.S. public – as a function of current American policy. 

We tend to demonize our enemies. We do that for the purpose of mobilizing support for policies that might otherwise not enjoy support.

Yet the problem is not only with marketing the wars of “democracy.” It also lies with those who fund them, according to Freeman. 

Joe Biden – Largest recipient of Zionist donations 

Freeman explains why the U.S. is so strong in its support of Israel. It is a question of following the money. 

In the United States… we are very dependent on campaign donations. The candidates require those, and a disproportionate percentage of campaign donations originate with Jewish plutocrats, very wealthy people who are committed to the state of Israel.

This includes buying the president. 

Mr. Biden is historically the largest single recipient of Zionist-Israel lobby contributions.

Freeman considers the support for Zionism – the Netanyahu government’s extremist policy of expansion and removal of non-Jews – is one sincerely held by both the president and his chief diplomat, Antony Blinken.

I think he’s very sincere in his commitment to Zionism, as is Mr. Blinken.

He moves in his analysis to the defense of the indefensible, by means of a weaponized slur with the power of Congress behind it. 

Jews for genocide? The charge of antisemitism 

Criticism of Israeli actions in Gaza has been countered with repeated accusations of antisemitism from Israeli officials and from those in the United States – and has been asserted in the U.K. House of Commons. 

Karat notes a U.S. congressional resolution passed on December 5, 2023, which equated opposition to extreme ethnic Jewish nationalism – known as Zionism – with hatred of all Jews. 

This resolution condemns and denounces all instances of antisemitism occurring in the United States and globally. The resolution also states that anti-Zionism is antisemitism.

Responding to this, Freeman said that the U.S. Congress is dangerously equating the defense of genocide with Jewish identity generally. 

I think we have a new phenomenon, which is members of Congress who seem to vie to create a new organization- called ‘Jews for Genocide.’

If criticizing Jews for advocating genocide is somehow anti-Semitic, then we have a real problem. It is horrible that the descendants of people who were subjected by Europeans to genocide should themselves now be carrying out a Holocaust against Palestinians.

Freeman concludes, “Anti-Semitism is a despicable attitude. But to oppose genocide by Israel is not.” 

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A policy of genocide? 

Freeman recalls earlier remarks of now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying 

“I think his exact statement was he hoped for a war which would provide an excuse for the final removal of all Palestinians from the land of Israel as claimed by Israel.” 

Freeman reminds listeners that Israel is unique for two reasons: “It has no borders” a startling claim evidenced in the Israeli press here – and it is led by Netanyahu’s Likud Party whose “charter calls for Israel to extend from the river to the sea.” 

This phrase, which is now mistakenly charged as some sort of Palestinian endorsement of genocide, was in fact quite the opposite. It is a Zionist endorsement of genocide against Palestinians.

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What comes next? 

According to Freeman, Netanyahu’s wish for a war of opportunity has in this case come true. Yet he may not be pleased with what results. 

“I think there has to be a halt to American aid to Israel in order to stop this.” Why should this happen? “Because Americans of conscience cannot support the funding, the weapons supply, and the political protection internationally that we are providing to those who are guilty of genocide, and who are open about that guilt and their intentions.” 

Freeman foresees a break with Israel, from a U.S. administration facing electoral defeat along with international isolation. 

So I think this is going to prove, in the short term, an intolerable strain on the Biden administration. 

This pressure, he claims, will see an end to the free hand given to Israel by the U.S. 

 I think Israel has limited time to continue what it is doing.

In the short term, he sees a victory for Donald Trump in 2024, bringing a wide range of sweeping changes to U.S. foreign policy. Yet it is the long-term consequences that Freeman is keen to stress. 

“But I think the long-term effects, in terms of the estrangement of the world from Israel, and of the United States from Israel, the United States now virtually the only shameless backer of Israel, are going to be profound. So Mr. Netanyahu may think he’s getting what he wanted, but I think he’s going to be very sorry with what he gets.” 

You can voice your support for a withdrawal of U.S. funding for Israel’s war in Gaza by contacting your representatives today.