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NEW YORK (LifeSiteNews) – Dr. Vivek Murthy, the pro-abortion U.S. Surgeon General appointed by President Joe Biden, said technology platforms and social media need to “step up” and “root out the misinformation in society” on COVID-19.

“[W]e have got to recognize that our technology platforms whether, particularly social media, these have an important role to play,” said Murthy on a January 25 episode of Morning Joe on MSNBC. “These are the predominant places where we’re seeing misinformation spread. These platforms have still not stepped up to do the right thing, and do enough I should say, to reduce the spread of misinformation.”

Murthy stated that “accurate information” on medicine is a matter of life or death, but he did not address any of the instances of blatant medical malfeasance demonstrated by the U.S. government throughout the pandemic that arguably cost thousands of people their lives. Instead, show host Mika Brzezinski and Murthy avoided any discussion of what exactly constituted COVID-19 misinformation. Their conversation assumed, as a matter of course, that the only trusted medical data comes from the federal medical establishment — even if it takes 75 years to obtain it all.

Brzezinski alleged that the popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience in particular was responsible for the intentional spread of erroneous ideas about the COVID-19 pandemic. Murthy did not dispute her assertion but rather took the opportunity to suggest how shows like Rogan’s derail sound medical decision-making to the detriment of the populace, stating, “[W]e can have the best science available. We can have the best public health expertise available, but it won’t help people if they don’t have access to accurate information.”

Murthy argued, however, that it is not just the establishment’s job to censor open discussion and promote officially-sanctioned narratives. He suggested it is the duty of both individuals and organizations to advance the government’s approved medical messaging.

“[E]ach of us also has a role to play here because we all have platforms, and particularly if your somebody who has a large following, whether you are an entertainer, a politician, in the media, it’s your responsibility — all of our responsibility — to make sure that are thoughtful in what we are sharing,” said Murthy.

“This is not just about what government can do. This is about companies and individuals recognizing that the only way we get past misinformation is that we are careful about what we say and we use the power we have to limit the spread of that misinformation. That’s going to be a critical part of how we get through this pandemic.”

Murthy’s attack on public discourse during the Morning Joe show coincides with the recent appearance by Dr. Anthony Fauci before the World Economic Forum. Fauci also spoke against what he characterized as “medical misinformation.” The timing of both Murthy and Fauci’s television interviews, discussing the same subject, suggests that their appearances are part of a coordinated effort to regain control of the Biden administration’s narrative on COVID-19 — a level of control that the federal medical establishment seems to have lost.