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August 24, 2012, ( – In a recent interview with National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan celebrated the Catholicism of both candidates for US Vice President – Democrat VP Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan. “Do you not think it’s a cause for celebration in the Catholic community in the United States of America that the two vice-presidential candidates are Catholic?” Dolan told Lopez.

Dolan added:

“We’ve got two men who – and you can disagree with one of them or both of them – say they take their faith seriously, who don’t try to hide it, and who say, ‘Hey, my Catholic upbringing and my Catholic formation influences the way I think.’ Not bad. Not bad.”

President John F. Kennedy, “couldn’t say, ‘My religion will affect my public policy.’ He couldn’t say, ‘My Catholic faith is going to have an impact on the way I govern.’ In fact, he almost had to say the opposite. And now you’ve got two guys . . . who were picked because their Catholicism was attractive.”

Nevertheless, the ‘Catholicism’ of the two Vice Presidential candidates could hardly be further from one another according to Catholic League President Bill Donohue


“Ryan’s idea of freedom of choice commits him to supporting school vouchers; Biden’s notion of choice commits him to abortion rights,” said Donohue in a press recent press release. “Ryan is opposed to reinventing the institution of marriage; Biden wants to expand marriage to include two people of the same sex.”

He concluded the point: “The Catholic Church opposes abortion and gay marriage. On both of these issues, Biden disagrees with the Church. “

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Biden’s Catholicism has also been a cause for concern for American bishops.  Like his Catholic Democratic colleague Nancy Pelosi, Biden has touted his Catholicism while at the same time expounding his support for legal abortion and same-sex ‘marriage’. 

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” in 2008 Biden tried to assert that there is disagreement in Catholic Church teaching on abortion by citing St. Thomas Aquinas prompting both his own bishop and the Cardinal heading the pro-life arm of the United States Conference of Bishops and 14 other bishops to issue public corrections.

When, after the kerfuffle, Biden received a standing ovation at a Catholic Church after receiving communion, the Bishop of that diocese also issued a public correction of Biden’s pro-abortion stance. Bishop John Ricard warned Biden using the words of St. Paul that, “‘Whoever … eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the Body and Blood of the Lord.’”

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Vatican authorities have insisted that pro-abortion Catholic politicians such as Biden be denied Holy Communion.  And in the United States, Bishop Joseph Martino has said publicly he would deny Biden Holy Communion.  Additionally, Bishop Michael Saltarelli, Biden’s own bishop at the time of Biden’s consideration for VP, said publicly that as long as Biden maintained his pro-abortion position, he would refuse him permission from speaking at Catholic schools even if he was Vice President of the United States.