Friday November 30, 2007

Use of Abortion Victim’s Body Parts For Research Has Become Major Industry

By Hilary White

WASHINGTON, November 30, 2007 ( – Pro-life advocates have known for some time that a major aspect of the abortion industry is providing the tissue from aborted children for profit for scientific and medical research. Cybercast News Service (CNS) revealed this week that this type of research has become extremely common and is being paid for by US taxpayers.

CNS reports that experiments using human/animal hybrid mice, bred to have no immune systems, and injected with tissue and cells from aborted children, have been paid for with federal funds for more than twenty years.

The National Cancer Institute explains that “immature human” immune tissues and/or immune cells are injected or implanted into these mice that are unable to reject the tissue. But CNS reveals that “immature” is a euphemism for tissue obtained from aborted children or “abortuses”.

Much of the foetal tissue comes from late-term abortions committed at 17-23 weeks’ gestation. CNS quotes one 2005 study, published in the journal Blood said, “Mice were surgically implanted with human bone chips of fetal femur or tibia from 19- to 23-week gestation human abortuses ….”

Dr. Joseph Bryant, director of animal research at the University of Maryland’s Institute of Human Virology, said that the “SCID-Hu” (“hu” means human) mice, genetically programmed to have a version of severe combined immuno-deficiency (SCIDS), are unable to reject tissue, even tissue from other species, including human tissue. “It is used in transplant medicine and cancer research, research on diabetes, for studying HIV, the effects of some drugs, Alzheimer’s – you name it,” he said.

Dr. Bryant told CNS the immune deficient mice have “been something of a godsend for modern-day research.”

While researchers at the National Institutes of Health refused to speak with CNS reporters, an online search revealed hundreds of hits for medical studies using the SCID-Hu mice. In addition, a search on the term “human abortuses” reveals over 34,000 hits, many of which link to medical research studies showing the use of tissue from either “spontaneous” or “elective” abortions.

Pittsburgh researcher Suzanne Rini, author of the 1993 book Beyond Abortion: A Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation, wrote that foetal tissue has been used in medical research since at least the 1930’s but the legalization of abortion in most western countries has created an industry.

The tissue industry exploded with the advent of transplant technology and since the growth of research involving stem cells, early-stage children, aborted closer to the embryonic stage, are in high demand. Research into a multitude of illnesses including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, stroke, Huntington’s disease, blindness, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease and leukaemia have all used tissue or cells obtained from aborted children.

In 2002 it was revealed that major pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Novartis, Schering-Plough, Glaxo SmithKline, Aventis Pasteur and the NIH purchased licensing agreements to a patented designer cell line developed with aborted baby tissue. The same year, it was revealed that in Australia, embryonic stem cells were being grown on “feeder layers” made up of fetal tissue from aborted children.

Since at least 1999, has been reporting on the booming industry of aborted foetal tissue in medical research. That year, an American lab technician going by the pseudonym “Kelly”, who worked in a commercial medical tissue lab called the Anatomic Gift Foundation in Maryland that dealt in aborted human tissue, revealed an incident in which she was presented with twin babies who were “moving and gasping for air”.

She told the doctor, “They are moving. I don’t do this. That’s not in my contract.” She said the doctor then took a bottle of sterile water and filled the metal pan in which 24-week old children had been placed, until the water ran up over the babies’ mouths and noses.

Kelly had approached the Texas-based pro-life organization, Life Dynamics Inc., telling them her story. Beginning in April of 1997, Life Dynamics, dedicated to “counter-intelligence or intelligence-gathering”, began an undercover investigation into the marketing of body parts harvested from aborted babies lasting 31 months. Even though the buying and selling of body parts is illegal, the group amassed dozens of order forms and price lists for aborted foetal tissue and donation consent forms for women considering abortion.

Reports continue to come forward from economically disadvantaged countries such as those of the former Soviet bloc, of unborn children being killed without parental consent to meet the high international demand for organs, stem cells and tissue for research.

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