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John Clark, Loudon County's director of safety and security, who sent the emailed instructions/ Loudon County logoLinkedin & Loudon County screenshot

This story was originally published by the WND News Center

(WND News Center) – A school district in a wealthy and influential part of Virginia, Loudoun County, has been advising individual school managers on how best to get students or parents arrested if they refuse orders to wear masks, or otherwise object to following school orders.

The district has been in the headlines for months already, over its campaign to promote racist teachings in class, and its demand for a pro-transgender agenda, punishing a teacher who disagreed with that. The district ended up losing a court fight over the issue.

The school district has also been involved in denying a father’s complaint that his daughter was assaulted by a boy, portraying himself as a girl, in a girls’ restroom even though school officials admitted in documentation they knew it had happened.

That offender simply was moved to another school, where he was accused of another offense.

But it’s also been at the center of the firestorm over mask demands, and what school officials can do to control students and parents both on the issue.

Now the New York Post pointed out an email among school officials that was leaked.

The progressive district’s security official, John Clark, emailed step-by-step instructions, according to the copy of the email, explaining how to get warrants against parents or students who follow a new statewide order that allows them to not wear face masks on campus.

The county is continuing its mask mandate, in defiance of the governor’s orders.

Clark first promised an “enhanced” presence of “resource officers” for schools to force compliance.

“If you determine that an individual should be trespassed then a school admin representative, in conjunction with S&S Coordinator Rich Thomas … will proceed to the magistrate to swear out a trespass summons/warrant,” he advised. “School admin will meet Rich Thomas at the Safety & Security office and then proceed to the magistrate, which is located next to our office,” he wrote.

School officials have to bring along the name, address and date of birth of the person they want cited.

“Once issued by the magistrate, the summons/ warrant will be served by law enforcement. This process may take up to 24 hours,” the email said.

Several days after the email was dispatched, Supt. Scott Ziegler claimed there had been no action taken against students without masks. However, he said the school could suspend a student for not wearing the mask.

The email states that parents do not have the right to enter a school “without proper vetting,” and police officers will be a “visible deterrent” for “non-compliant peaceful parents or students.”

The email further points out the steps to obtain a warrant are simple.

The Washington Examiner said school officials also were advised to keep parents picking up children outdoors.

Reprinted with permission from the WND News Center