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Dr. Patty Daly is the chief medical officer for Vancouver Coastal Health.Twitter

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia (LifeSiteNews) – Dr. Patty Daly, chief medical officer of health for Vancouver Coastal Health, acknowledged in a recorded virtual meeting that vaccine passports in her region are not about health but about creating an “incentive to get higher vaccinate rates.”

A video posted by Action4Canada shows a recorded clip taken from a “Build Back Better and COVID-19” forum. The site page for the event was taken down after the public health gaffe was released.

In the meeting, Daly was asked by a participant: “We aren’t allowing unvaccinated people into restaurants, but they are still allowed to visit patients in acute care (ICU, etc). Is this true? If so, what are the risks?”

The Vancouver doctor responded by saying the point of vaccine passports was to incentivize people to get vaccinated, not to stop the spread of COVID.

“Maybe I can answer this question briefly,” she said. “The vaccine passport requires people be vaccinated to do certain discretionary activities such as go to restaurants, movies, gyms not because these places are high risk. We’re not actually seeing COVID transmission in these settings.”

After she acknowledged that the vaccine passport is required for settings where there is no statistically relevant risk of transmitting the virus, she stated clearly that the system is all about getting people to take the jab.

“It’s really to create incentive to improve our vaccine coverage,” she said. “The vaccine passport is for non-essential opportunities and it is really to create incentive to get higher vaccination rates.”

She then explained that those who visit loved ones in a hospital but are not vaccinated will be screened and given a medical mask upon entry. She also said they are “not seeing” any notable spreading of COVID by visitors who are unvaccinated in hospital settings but that most cases come from health care workers, who by now are largely vaccinated. She said visitors are “actually a lower risk than staff.”

Daly’s job description according to Vancouver Coastal Health is to “improve the health of the population that Vancouver Coastal Health serves.” In the clip taken from the meeting, she did not suggest that the health of Vancouverites would be improved by higher vaccination rates, and made it clear that there was no reason to impose a vaccine segregation policy on citizens other than to increase the jab rate.

She also did not mention growing evidence of the disastrous consequences from the mass-vaccination program, especially as talk of kids getting jabbed with the experimental drugs intensifies.