Other Tenants in Building Probably Not Notified   VANCOUVER, May 22, 2002 ( – Pro-lifers in Vancouver have revealed the secret location of the new premises of Everywoman’s Health Centre.  Located at #210, 2525 Commercial Drive, the abortuary is expected to open next week.  John Hof, President of Campaign Life Coalition BC, questioned the motive for the move suggesting it may be the result of successful pro-life efforts.  “Did the presence of pro-lifers, who talked scores of women out of having their abortion, cause a serious dent into the “business” of Everywoman’s, thus necessitating their move?,” asked Hof.  Mr. Hof also questioned whether the provincial government paid for the move despite promising not to expand abortion services.

Hof suggested that the secrecy surrounding the new clinic’s location was a public disservice.  “The reality is that most tenants were probably not notified of their new ‘neighbor’, for the simple reason that no one wants to have an abortion clinic next door. Everywoman’s would have found it almost impossible to get new space if full-disclosure would have been available to co-tenants. Pro-lifers today are taking the time to do something that the BC Government did not have the consideration to do: Notify the neighbors of the new arrival.”