Katie Craine


Vancouver Archbishop: Abortion is returning us to a ‘state of barbarism’

Katie Craine

VICTORIA, British Columbia, May 24, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Vancouver Archbishop J. Michael Miller says that abortion and other “threats against life” “eat away at the moral fiber of civilization itself, leading it to return to a state of barbarism, where life is treated trivially.”

In a homily before the May 10th March for Life in Victoria, which attracted over 1,800 participants, he also encouraged the congregation to get active in the political battle for life in Canada.

“As citizens of a democracy we seek political and legislative solutions which will serve the common good of all citizens, especially the most vulnerable, including the unborn who have no voice but yours,” he said, according to an excerpt published in the B.C. Catholic.


Preaching at St. Patrick’s Church, Archbishop Miller spoke against abortion and encouraged participants to take an active role in protecting the unborn.

He says, “Abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide are often justified by the argument that a person has ‘a right to choose.’”

“Our choices are to be for the good, especially when what we want conflicts with another person’s wants,” he explained. “In the case of abortion, the unborn cannot express his - or, more likely, her - desire to keep on living. They are still too small. Nor, when you think of it, can an infant.”

“And so we must protect them; we must act on their behalf. That is why we are here in Victoria today. To act on behalf of those who want a choice - the choice to live,” he added.

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