VANCOUVER, December 22, 2003 ( – The world’s largest syphilis outbreak is considered by health officials there to be a “losing battle.”  Patricia Daly, health officer for the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, said “Clearly, we haven’t got a handle on it.”

  The disease has become increasingly prevalent in Vancouver’s downtown east side, a hot spot for prostitution, since 1997.  Dr. Michael Rekart, director of sexually-transmitted disease control for the B.C. Center for Disease Control, said that homosexualists in the same neighbourhood are having increased rates of HIV, gonorrhea, and hepatitis as well, “setting the stage for a much larger syphilis outbreak.”  Cases have increased to 250 in 2003, up from 16 in 1993; almost all are in the downtown area.  Read the Canadian Press coverage at:   Also read prior LifeSiteNews coverage of similar disease trends in the UK and elsewhere: