VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 5, 2014 ( – At its meeting last week the Vancouver Park Board unanimously approved a sweeping list of recommendations aimed at using taxpayers' money to make “trans and gender-variant” people feel “more comfortable” in the city’s parks and recreation facilities.

“The recommendations as presented will greatly improve the quality of access to recreation and active health in Vancouver and help make Vancouver the most inclusive city in the world,” Park Board Commissioner Trevor Loke said in a press release.

The 77 recommendations approved by the Park Board for the people were taken from a report titled “Building a Path to Parks & Recreation for All: Reducing Barriers for Trans & Gender Variant Community Members” produced by the city's Trans and Gender-Variant Inclusion Working Group.


Among the approved recommendations are:

• installation of new, universal signage for all single stall washrooms and change rooms to make clear that trans and gender-variant people are welcome;

• trans-inclusivity training for all staff, contractors and volunteers who interact with the public in Park Board facilities;

• increased rental subsidies to partners who offer trans-specific programming, such as the All Bodies Swim, in Park Board facilities; and

• expansion of universal changing rooms and the addition of more private changing stalls in all changing spaces.

While no financial framework is attached to the transexual accommodation suggestions, the 77 recommendations are divided into a “quick starts” list of initiatives that can be implemented within three to six months, and longer-term recommendations with an implementation time line of one year, but with some stretching out to 10 years.

Statistics Canada and other statistics-gathering organizations such as the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law estimate that transgender people constitute between 0.3 and 1 percent of the population.

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The report containing the 77 recommendations uses “gender theory” terminology that tries to portray biological sex as a fluid or a socially imposed construct. However, critics of this ideology have pointed to the dangers it presents to society.

In his Christmas message of 2012 Pope Benedict XVI said that gender theory, which is behind the homosexual revolution and the attack on the family, is a “crisis that threatens” the family “to its foundations – especially in the Western world.”

According to “the ‘gender’ philosophy,” the pope explained, “sex is no longer a given element of nature, that man has to accept and personally make sense of: it is a social role that we choose for ourselves, while in the past it was chosen for us by society.”

“The profound falsehood of this theory and of the anthropological revolution contained within it is obvious,” the Pope stated.

Dale O’Leary, a U.S. writer with a special interest in psychosexual issues, warned that most people are unaware of the political victories by gender theory or of the dangers inherent in the promotion of this agenda.

“Part of the confusion lies in the fact that there are several different theories of gender each of which is based on a false understanding of the human person. The various theories – the gender perspective, gender identity and expression, and gender queer – are not logically consistent and are continually changing, making it difficult for those who try to critique them,” O’Leary wrote.

“Gender theory in whatever form it takes is a denial of the reality of sexual difference,” O'Leary, blogs at What Does The Research Really Say, said.

“Those who have adopted the theory into their lives are in rebellion against their own nature, which leads to feelings of alienation. Rather than recognize that their theory is fatally flawed, they denounced anyone who defends reality as a 'homophobe', 'heterosexist' or a 'bigot'. They demand that those who speak the truth about marriage, family, motherhood and the needs of children be silenced,” she stated.

The full text of the “trans and gender-variant” recommendations approved by Vancouver Park Board is available here.


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