NEW YORK, July 5, 2013 ( – International abortion lobbyists are rejoicing over a UN Security Council Resolution passed last week which for the first time has the Council calling on countries to implement “non-discriminatory and comprehensive health services, including sexual and reproductive health.”

The inclusion of the controversial phrase in a high-level document is extremely troubling, since it has been defined to include abortion, at least in countries where the practice is legal.

As the Vatican’s ambassador to the United Nations explained in his denunciation of the phrase's inclusion, “we regret that the resolution just adopted…seeks to promote a potentially destructive notion of health care, such as sexual and reproductive health, which too often is used as a justification for taking life rather than upholding it.”


Archbishop Francis Chullikatt added, “Death of an innocent unborn child only visits further violence on a woman already in difficulty.”

International abortion lobby group Global Justice Center President Janet Benshoof explained, “Although the word ‘abortion’ was not used, the ‘non-discriminatory health services’ provision is an enormous breakthrough in the fight to end the deadly denial of abortion for female victims impregnated by war rape.”

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Benshoof praised the UK and US for leading the charge on the passage of the resolution. Moreover she singled out the UK, praising it “for being the first country to explicitly recognize the right to abortion under the Geneva Conventions.”

The call for “reproductive health” in the resolution was also supported vocally by France and Germany. The Netherlands went a step further in explicitly calling for “access to emergency contraception and safe abortions.”

The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, a pro-life lobby group at the United Nations stressed that the resolution did not make abortion a right.

C-FAM noted that while “a report of the Secretary-General earlier this year described abortion and the morning-after pill are ‘an integral component’ to any response to sexual violence in conflict,” the Security Council merely “took note” of the report, describing it as “the least enthusiastic acknowledgment a document can receive in a UN resolution.”

Sharon Slater, the president of Family Watch International, told that the adoption of the language was a “big problem.”

“The UN was created to solve world problems like hunger, education, medicine, survival and security, and it’s really sad that almost every debate devolves into controversial sexual rights,” she said.

At the last UN Commission on population and development, she recalled, the issue was migration and references to sexual rights were so frequent her organization developed a flyer asking why is the West so obsessed with sex.