By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

  VATICAN CITY, October 17, 2007 ( – Vatican officials issued a clear denunciation yesterday of anti-life trends in Latin America, often supported by neo-marxist ideologues.

  The statement, which was issued after the conclusion of a meeting by the Special Council for America of the Synod of Bishops, laments destructive trends in the hemisphere, including “the promotion of a series of laws, regarding abortion and euthanasia, contrary to ethical norms.”

  The prelates also noted that “a current is moving, often with the mark of neo-marxism, which causes imbalances in international relations and in the internal situations of countries, and tries to ignore the Catholic Church and not consider it a party to social dialogue”. They denounced the “infiltration of unchristian values into education.”.

  The Vatican made the denunciation in the wake of widespread attempts, often instigated by well-funded international organizations with US and European ties, to eliminate protection for unborn children in Latin American countries. In recent months, nations such as Peru, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Brazil and most recently Uruguay have been subject to organized protests, legislative initiatives, media campaigns, and high-profile lawsuits that seek to nullify the right to life in those countries, which is protected explicitly in their constitutions.

  In most cases, pro-abortion initiatives enjoy partial or full support from socialist political parties and movements historically associated with marxist ideology. This has been especially true in Brazil, where the pro-abortion movement receives support from the ruling Worker’s Party, which has a marxist past it claims to have abandoned.