VATICAN, August 11, 2003 ( – The Vatican is encouraging the United Nations to ban all forms of human cloning.  In view of the upcoming U.N. General Assembly discussion of a proposed International Convention Against the Reproductive Cloning of Human Beings, the Vatican is publishing a series of articles on the subject in the Vatican paper L’Osservatore Romano.  The lead article in the Aug. 6, L’Osservatore Romano announces the series and notes that the Church’s opposition to human cloning is based primarily on its opposition to “human procreation that foresees the substitution or exclusion of the conjugal act between a man and a woman.”  The article sets out clearly that “every form of cloning human individuals must be prohibited.”  Noting that the creation of a human being takes place with all forms of human cloning in question, it shows invalid the distinction between reproductive and therapeutic cloning.  (with files from the Catholic News Service)