UNITED NATIONS, May 9, 2002 ( – Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family addressed the United Nations Special Session on Children today using some of the strongest language the Holy See has ever used at the UN to condemn anti-life and anti-family measures.

Today’s LifeSite Special Report reproduces the text of the Cardinal’s speech in full however a couple of excerpts are in order to demonstrate the exceptional character of the statement.  Despite the fact that diplomatic language has historically been employed at the international body in effect blunting criticisms, the Cardinal did not mince words today.

“In addition to the many forms of violence mentioned, others are spreading with dramatic effects, such as the moral pollution of the environment that spiritually impedes children from breathing pure air. Families and States cannot avoid the requirements of a “human ecology” (Cf. Centesimus annus, No. 30). When moral values are trampled on with impunity, when the atmosphere is artificially charged with eroticism, when the meaning of human sexuality is emptied and trivialized and children are even induced into unspeakable “lifestyles” and behavior in an alarming climate of permissiveness, the risk of violence grows. Albeit with considerable delay, as there have already been numerous victims, it seems that many are starting to react, to revise their attitudes, and to reinforce legal norms to avoid the devastating consequences,” he said.  Regarding population control, the Cardinal said, “My Delegation wishes to stress that the best interests of children is not recognized when, conditioned by the myth of overpopulation – which the most recent data and demographic trends have shown to be unconvincing – population policies are imposed that go against the rights of the family and children. First of all, the fundamental right to life must be recognized.”

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