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Amanda Gorman delivers a poem at the inauguration on January 20, 2021.Shutterstock

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VATICAN CITY, February 15, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – In a recent interview, the Vatican’s news outlet, Vatican News, joined other left-wing publications such as TIME and The New York Times and liberal politicians in praising Amanda Gorman, the young, pro-abortion woman who read a poem at Joe Biden’s inauguration. The interview and its tone appear to demonstrate implicit acceptance of Gorman’s anti-Catholic views on abortion.

Gorman appeared in the spotlight when delivering a poetic address at Biden’s inauguration on January 20. The address has since been described as a “spoken-word attack on Donald Trump and his followers,” containing references to an attack on democracy, attributed to former President Trump. 

Her words were welcomed in gushing tones by left-wing America Magazine in an article that suggested her political attack possessed divine qualities and claimed her words “made us believe in the beauty of our future, precisely because of the poem’s own beauty. Her work speaks of God — even shines a light on God — simply because it is beautiful.”

Vatican News’s interview with Gorman focussed on the issues of education and poetry. In a tone similar to America Magazine, Vatican News also equated some divine qualities to Gorman, hailing her as a woman who had made the “dream of a ‘healed’ humanity tangible.” 

While mentioning that Gorman is Catholic, (she attends St. Brigid’s Catholic Church in Los Angeles), Vatican News conducted the interview without making any reference to God, or the Catholic faith. Instead, deputy editorial director Alessandro Gisotti focused on how poetry could affect Pope Francis’s call for building of bridges. In turn, Gorman decried how she believed poetry is taught as the “arena of an old, dead, white and male intellectual elite,” mentioning that poetry could “sanctify, purify, and rectify, even amidst discord.”

Gisotti also compared Gorman with Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg, suggesting that Gorman had become a leader of a movement “challenging the powerful of the earth.” 

“The world is being rocked and changed by the next generation, and it’s time we listen to them,” declared Gorman.

However, while presenting Gorman as a Catholic exemplar, Vatican News did not question her about her support for abortion, even though she talked about listening to the “next generation.” 

Gorman has made no secret about her very public support for the killing of the unborn. In a 2019 video for Now This News, Gorman delivered a poetic address in which she called on people to “fight to keep Roe v. Wade alive,” and outlined “eight reasons to stand up today against abortion bans in the United States.” 

She described abortion bans as a means of controlling women and sustaining the “patriarchy.”

Responding to the video, Nigerian-born human rights activist and founder of Culture of Life Africa Obianuju Ekeocha recently wrote: “Many people on my timeline were admiring and tripping over her as she presented her slam poetry at the inauguration. So I thought to share her slam poetry from two years ago, in defence of abortion. Women’s ‘Reproductive destinies’ she says. Shameful.”

So strong and public is Gorman’s support for abortion that Planned Parenthood issued a message after the inauguration demonstrating the sharing of ideologies and saying how “We’re feeling uplifted after listening to @TheAmandaGorman’s poem at yesterday’s inauguration. And we’re planning to take this energy with us into the rest of 2021.”

Planned Parenthood president Alexis McGill Johnson also commended Gorman. “Like many, I’m still feeling the powerful words of @TheAmandaGorman. Just going to leave this here! If we merge mercy with might, and might with right, then love becomes our legacy and change our children’s birthright.”

The promotion of Gorman and her pro-abortion, liberal agenda by abortionists and the liberal media has now been bolstered by the interview that Vatican News conducted with her. Commenting on Gorman’s interview with Vatican News and the scandal that such promotion of the pro-abortion “Catholic” sends, Ekeocha wrote, “You do know she is firmly in support of abortion right? This is @VaticanNews and so should be exemplary for Catholics all over the world.”

The interview with Vatican News would thus seem to be another indication of the news outlet’s left-leaning tendencies. In fact, writing shortly after the inauguration, LifeSiteNews co-founder John-Henry Westen commented on how the “Catholic left” went predictably “gaga” over her.

In a tone shared by America Magazine’s promotion of Gorman, Vatican News highlights and praises her performance at the inauguration of a pro-abortion politician but avoids any mention of her non-adherence to Catholic teaching on abortion. Both focus on the “intelligent young lady” as well as her achievements but ignore her rejection of Catholic teaching, which states that the Church has always taught the “moral evil” of every procured abortion. (CCC #2271)

The manner in which Vatican News identified Gorman as a leader of a new movement challenging the powerful was also mirrored by former first lady Michelle Obama in a recent interview she conducted with Gorman. Obama pointed to the violent Black Lives Matter riots and how poetry could be used as a means to “demand change,” with which Gorman agreed, saying that “(p)oetry and language are often at the heartbeat of movements for change.”

Gorman repeated this in her comment to Vatican News, noting she had “no doubt that many more great social movements will begin in the classroom.”

“I am the hurricane that comes every single year, and you can expect to see me again soon,” Gorman stated in closing her discussion with Obama.