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Vatican: Pope won’t be intimidated into silence on life, homosexuality by 'shouting' media

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VATICAN, December 20, 2012, ( - Fr. Federico Lombardi, Director of the Vatican Press Office published an editorial Saturday responding to mainstream media denunciations of Pope Benedict’s message for World Day of Peace.

In the message, released December 14, the pope noted that “serious harm to justice and peace” comes from denying the true principles of respect for life and promotion of the “natural structure of marriage as the union of a man and a woman.” 

Lombardi noted that the media storm resulted specifically from the pope’s comments on traditional marriage. “This has happened,” he said, “because the pope, in a short passage, returns to the vision of marriage between a man and a woman as profoundly different from radically other forms of union, and states that this difference is recognizable by human reason.”

The Vatican Press Office Director said that the “the Church never tires of stressing” its pro-life and pro-family views, even “at a time when this point is being challenged and even attacked from several quarters in many different countries.”

The media attack, he said, “consists of shouting, not reasoning; it is intended to intimidate those who want to support this view freely in the public arena.”

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Though the portion of the pope’s peace message regarding homosexuality was brief, his statements tying world peace to respect for life formed a substantial portion of the message.

Pope Benedict XVI stressed that pro-lifers are the “true peacemakers” and that those who would support abortion promote a “false peace.”