MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Mar 30, 2001 ( – Archbishop Renato R. Martino, the Vatican’s ambassador to the United Nations, made some revealing remarks about his dealings with the international institution during his March 25 homily celebrating the Day of the Unborn.

“As Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations for the last fifteen years, I have had the honor to represent the Catholic Church in the work of the United Nations Organization,” explained the Archbishop. He said in various UN conferences ” I have seen first-hand how pro-abortion groups attempt to impose their death-dealing agenda on the Family of Nations.”“Make no mistake about it, there are powerful groups throughout the world lobbying to make abortion a human right, to destroy the cherished institution of the family, to dissolve the rights, duties and responsibilities of parents, and to portray motherhood as an outdated and oppressive vocation as well as pregnancy as a disturbing sickness,” he warned. Archbishop Martino also noted that “Each year, throughout the world, there are 45 million abortions.”

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