ROME, June 17 (LSN) – Archbishop Renato Martino, apostolic nuncio and permanent observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, addressed the conference on the proposed International Criminal Court yesterday,  saying the I.C.C. should be formulated in such a way as to avoid falling prey to “political concerns and pressures” which “reflect the particular rather than the universal.” The Vatican representative also said the Catholic Church’s principle concern in the conference is to ensure the “protection of the dignity of the human person.”“This dignity is shared by every human person, regardless of his age, race, ethnic origin, status as a combatant or non-combatant sex or stage in human life, from the unborn to the elderly,” Archbishop Martino said. “Because each person shares in this human dignity, each person, without exception, is entitled to the protection of the law which such a Court would oversee. The Statutes and the Crimes which shall be under the jurisdiction of the Court must reflect this equal dignity shared by all.”  His speech is available at: