By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

VERMONT, December 15, 2008 ( – A Vermont judge has reportedly warned a Virginia woman that if she continues to refuse unsupervised visits for her child with a lesbian living in Vermont, he will hold a hearing on transferring custody.

Lisa Miller, a Virginia resident who has left the lesbian lifestyle and returned to faith in Jesus Christ, told LifeSiteNews (LSN) that she was warned during a “status conference” that she must assent to an eight day unsupervised visit for her child Isabella with her former lesbian partner during December, or she might lose custody to the woman.

Miller’s lesbian ex-partner, Janet Jenkins, has also filed a motion in a Virginia court asking for jail time for Miller due to previous missed visits, Miller told LSN. Miller has refused to grant unsupervised visits for most of the last five years, and has already paid thousands of dollars in fines. She is also awaiting future hearings regarding several missed visits for which no penalty has yet been assessed.

Miller is the natural mother of Isabella, whom she conceived through in vitro fertilization while in a civil union with Jenkins. 

Although Miller and Jenkins ended the relationship six years ago, Vermont’s courts have ruled that Janet Jenkins is also Isabella’s “mother,” despite the fact that Vermont has no law designating the spouse of the mother of in vitro children as a “parent.”

According to Miller, Jenkins had little interest in Isabella while they lived together, but now wishes to have unsupervised visits with the girl.  Miller says that Isabella has spoken of committing suicide following visits, and has exhibited strange behavior, including masturbation.  She also states that her child has spoken of bathing with Jenkins, and that she is terrified of future visits.  

Despite Isabella’s purported testimony, as well as that of other witnesses whom Miller’s attorneys say they would like to bring forward, Judge Cohen has still not scheduled a hearing over the issue.

According to a recent Newsweek article, Jenkins denies Miller’s claims and accuses her of faking her conversion to get support from the pro-family community.  Miller, on the other hand, believes that the homosexual movement hopes to use the case to undermine the family.

According to Miller, the US Supreme court has turned down yet another appeal in the case.  The Supreme Court has now turned down three appeals in total.

“Pray. Just pray that God is shown through this and that people see that God is in this, and that people will be saved through this, especially people who are struggling to come out of a same sex relationship,” she told LifeSiteNews.

“I continue to stand on God’s word and His principles.  I trust that He will prevail,” Miller said in a recent email to supporters.

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