LONDON, September 22, 2005 ( – Pro-life protesters outside the Chinese embassy in the UK have been given an historic thumbs-up by authorities who have normally discouraged or arrested those who tried to draw attention to human rights atrocities in the Communist country.

Police “embarrassingly” acknowledged the lawful right of British citizens to peacefully assemble on the pavement outside the Chinese Embassy in London’s Portland Place, after about two-dozen members of the UK Life League assembled there Saturday morning. The group took the issue to a judge Sunday, after which time the police finally conceded the group’s right to peaceful assembly despite the vehement protests of police superintendent Morgan.

At one point, police were seen explaining to an irate Chinese diplomatic worker that British citizens, unlike the Chinese, have the right to peaceful protest. An ongoing protest by members of the Chinese Falun Gong movement had been permanently moved to a location across the street from the embassy.

UK Life League coordinator Jim Dowson said, “This is a massive victory over repression and the denial of basic human rights in our own land. A precedent was set today when Christians were permitted to stand outside the Chinese Embassy in peaceful protest at the despicable human rights record of the Chinese regime. It is the first time such a protest has been allowed, and the police had to be shamed into permitting it.”

Dowson explained that the Life League was, in particular, “horrified” by the human rights abuse of forced abortion in China, as part of that country’s notorious ‘one-child’ policy, “financed in part through the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which Britain supports.”

Dowson, in a release, described a horrifying case where her unborn child was forcibly aborted so that the woman could be executed on drug charges because it is illegal to execute a pregnant woman there. He said “the human rights abuses . . . in China are shaming to the UK, which is happy to trade with these torturers . . . we have no hesitation in condemning China . . . and calling for our Government to stop financing China’s human rights abuses and to ostracize China as a trading nation.”

“Saturday’s protest will have been embarrassing to both the Chinese and British Governments,” Dowson added. “Tony Blair has just been in China doing trade deals,
  and his main speech omitted any reference to torture or China’s infamous ‘one child’ policy.”

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