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May 27, 2013 ( – A newborn baby is in stable condition after spending at least several hours wedged in a sewage pipe leading from a public toilet in the city of Jinhua in the Chinese province of Zhajiang. 

Firefighters responded to a call from a building resident who reported hearing a baby crying in the toilet on the fourth floor, according to China Daily. The baby weighed 2.3 kilograms (5 pounds).

Video of the dramatic rescue shows firefighters sawing and removing the section of pipe in which the baby was wedged. This section of pipe was then sent to a nearby hospital, where  workers removed the pipe piece by piece.

The infant was still attached to the placenta. 


Police are reportedly investigating. 

Cases of newborn infants being abandoned are not unheard of in China. In fact, Jinhua is the same city where one Chinese woman rescued 30 babies who were abandoned in the trash. Despite her meager living recycling trash, Lou Xiaoying brought home and cared for all the abandoned infants she came across.

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The octogenarian says her rescue effort began in 1972, when she found a little girl “lying amongst the junk on the street, abandoned.”

Under China’s one-child policy parents must obtain a pregnancy permit or face severe penalties, and it is estimated that some 35,000 abortions are committed per day in the country – many of them forced. Investigations have revealed that human rights abuses under the policy are rampant, with family planning police often dealing with “illegal pregnancies” through forced abortions and infanticide.

Last year, outrage shook the Internet when it was revealed a premature baby girl in Anshan city, Liaoning province, had been thrown in the trash with umbilical cord still attached, in a plastic bag with her throat cut. Doctors said she would have died of suffocation within minutes, and had the cut been any deeper, it would certainly have taken the baby girl’s life.