CHICAGO, July 12, 2012, ( –  The International Socialist Organization (ISO), a group that proudly “stands in the tradition of revolutionary socialists Karl Marx, V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky,” held an uproarious demonstration for taxpayer-funded abortion at its recent conference in Chicago. 

An estimated 1,500 people attended ISO’s “Socialism 2012” conference from June 28-July 1.  A cell phone video shows an angry crowd chanting: “Free abortion on demand! Can we do it? Yes, we can!”

The collectivist conference’s promotional material complained that “abortion rights are more and more restricted” and that “sex and sexuality is presented in a restricted, two-dimensional way.” 


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The national collectivist symposium included more than 100 presentations on topics such as “The new war on women,” “Marxism and queer theory,” “Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution,” and the radicalization of women, blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, Jews, and Puerto Ricans.

Attendees also received a greeting from convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal

Saturday night’s entertainment was a “Drag show,” an increasingly frequent event at socialist meetings.


Socialists have long supported both abortion-on-demand and national health care. 

An article posted on ISO’s website entitled “Abortion is Every Woman’s Right,” blasts “anti-abortion bigots” before concluding, “The pro-choice movement should be fighting against everything the Christian Right stands for.”

Another, “The Roots of Gay Oppression,” notes that the Bolsheviks dropped all legislation against homosexuality in 1917, although Stalin oppressed homosexuals. 

Other “Socialism 2012” speakers addressed Islamophobia, the Arab Spring, and “building the socialist alternative.” One session claimed to document how police are infiltrating and entrapping members of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Despite the organization’s belief in “free” abortions, one presenter at the Chicago gathering dissented on the issue of overpopulation. Ian Angus, an “ecosocialist,” describes his book Too Many People? Population, Immigration, and the Environmental Crisis as a “refutation of the idea that ‘overpopulation’ is a major cause of environmental destruction.”   

Although only authorized media were allowed in,, the website of the Michigan-based Education Action Group Foundation, posted the video on YouTube after obtaining a copy. 

The abortion chant begins at 1:35 of this video.