HOLLYWOOD, October 16, 2012, ( – During a radio broadcast earlier this month, shock comedian Bill Maher contrasted himself with Pope Benedict XVI in the starkest of terms: “The Pope is consistently pro-life. I’m consistently pro-death.”

When asked on the Star Radio Network why he supported a “Republican idea” like the death penalty, Maher said, “I feel like, on that I’m just consistent, like the Pope is consistent.”

“I’m for the death penalty,” he said, adding he believes in “killing the right people.” “I’m pro-choice. I’m for assisted suicide. I’m for regular suicide.”

“The planet is too crowded, and we need to promote death,” he concluded, pausing briefly before laughing.

At a later point in the October 7 interview Maher, the host of HBO’s Real Time, summarized his views.

“I’m just not one of those people who thinks all life is precious,” he said. “I bet you a lot of people wouldn’t say that, but if you’re pro-choice maybe that’s really what you’re thinking anyway.”

He also singled out Rick Santorum for believing that special needs children should not be aborted.

“It’s not that hard to create life. It’s teeming everywhere,” he said. “It’s something a dog can do.”

Maher’s mouth has generated controversy for the president. In February Maher donated $1 million to Priorities USA Action, a pro-Obama superPAC that has been accused of illegally coordinating its actions with the Obama White House.

The group was one of four reportedly investigated by an undercover Live Action reporter for an upcoming expose. 

Maher’s vitriol against religion, especially Catholicism, has earned him the name “America’s #1 bigot.”

In 2008, Maher told Larry King, “I wish for the demise” of the Catholic Church, which “is entirely destructive to the human race.” 

In a letter asking President Obama to return the comedian’s $1 million campaign donation, Catholic League President Bill Donohue wrote that Maher “has a long history of speaking about priests in the most degrading and despicable way possible. And it is not just priests who are the target of his vitriol: Maher’s remarks about Jesus, Our Blessed Mother, and the Sacraments are similarly obscene.”

“With an Irish-Catholic father and a Jewish mother, one might have thought that he would be sensitive to both anti-Catholicism and anti-Semitism. But not a chance,” the Catholic League wrote in response to one of Maher’s numerous anti-Christian diatribes. “It’s just anti-Semitism that seems to bother him: he’s quite at home tolerating, and even contributing to, anti-Catholicism.” 

Maher has also been an outspoken critic of Islam

Secular observers have been outraged by the former ABC host, who called Sarah Palin a “c—-” and likened retarded children to dogs.

“It is obvious that this humorless ‘comedian’ needs to get a life. He also needs to see a shrink about his pathological obsession with all things religious, especially Roman Catholicism,” the Catholic League stated