Video: ‘Canadians must act NOW against assisted suicide,’ says anti-euthanasia leader

“We need to contact Justice Minister Robert Nicholson, now,” said Alex Schadenberg. He says that "giving doctors the right to cause your death is an absolutely crazy idea."
Tue Jul 3, 2012 - 5:55 pm EST

July 3, 2012 ( - Alex Schadenberg, the executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, has a message for Canadians: contact federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson now, and urge him to appeal the recent decision by Justice Lynn Smith in British Columbia striking down Canada’s laws on assisted suicide.

On June 15th, Justice Smith, using what Schadenberg called “judicial gymnastics”, ruled against the laws against assisted suicide, and gave the Canadian Parliament a year to comply. In the meantime, she granted Gloria Taylor, a women suffering from ALS, a constitutional exemption, allowing Taylor’s doctor to kill her.

Schadenberg stressed (see LifeSiteNews video report) that Canadians still have time to reverse the ruling if enough people are willing to take a stand and if Justice Nicholson calls for an appeal of the decision.

“We need to contact Justice Minister Robert Nicholson, now,” said Alex Schadenberg.


Schadenberg argued that euthanasia advocates promise the “impossible” when they say there will be safeguards to protect the elderly from abuse.

He says, “giving the right in law to doctors to be able to cause your death is an absolutely crazy idea because it’s going to result in the death of other people and it’s going to change in law the very principle that we don’t kill other people in our country”.

“We can care for people. We can improve our care for people,” Schadenberg said.

Schadenberg was speaking from Australia where he was on a tour encouraging those fighting Australia’s proposed euthanasia policies.

Justice Minister Hon Robert Nicholson can be reached at [email protected]

Schadenberg has provided a list of talking points for pro-life advocates who write to Nicholson. They can be found here.

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