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WASHINGTON, May 3, 2012 ( – In a dramatic moment at an emergency hearing on Capitol Hill discussing the fate of Chen Guangcheng today, the embattled Chinese human rights activist was able to speak publicly of his plight for the first time since he left the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

ChinaAid President Bob Fu was able to get Chen on the phone from his hospital room in Beijing. Fu translated as he held the iPhone transmitting Chen’s voice up to Rep. Chris Smith’s microphone.

“He wants to come to the U.S. for some time of rest, he has not had any rest for the past ten years,” said Fu.

“I want to meet with Secretary Clinton. I hope I can get more help from her. I also want to thank her face to face. I really am afraid for my other family members’ lives,” Fu also said Chen stated.

Several of Chen’s family members are thought to be in danger of retribution by Chinese officials, including a brother who was arrested, a nephew on the lam, and several other family members whose fates are unknown.

Chen said that seven security cameras and an electric fence had been erected near his home, and that he was most concerned to hear about his mother and brothers. “I really want to know what’s going on with them,” he said.

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Rep. Smith told Chen that “we are all praying for you and we will be unceasing in our efforts to secure your freedom.” He also reported that actor Christian Bale, who was roughed up by Chinese guards when he attempted to visit Chen last year, wished to convey his concern and support.

“Your case is the test of the Chinese commitment to protect you which they’ve given, we’re very dubious about those assurances, but it’s also the test of the United States as to whether human rights really do matter,” said Smith.

Chen concluded saying, “I want to thank all of you for your care and for your love.”