BELLEVUE, Nebraska, May 8, 2013 ( – Late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who made headlines in February when one of his patients died in his care, likened a dead, full-term baby inside its mother's womb to “meat in a Crock-Pot” in a new sting video released by Live Action this morning. He also tells the mother to call him instead of 911 if she faces any complications.

In the footage, Carhart jokes about dismembering the unborn baby with “a pickaxe, a drill bit.”

Two separate stings were filmed at Carhart's business in Nebraska, one before and one after the death of Jennnifer Morbelli at his Germantown, Maryland, facility.

At one point Carhart confirms to Live Action's investigator that she will be carrying a dead baby inside her for three days. When the mom asks if the baby will begin to decay, Carhart says, “No, it’s like putting meat in a Crock-Pot, OK?” The child merely “gets softer.”

Carhart counsels the woman to call him instead of dialing 911 in case of an emergency, because “they’ll take you to the hospital, right? They won’t bring you to the clinic.”


He adds he or his assistants will call emergency assistance “if we think you need 911.”

Instead, he hands the mother a packet containing “little drapes and sheets and gloves” in case she goes into labor in her hotel room or home.

It includes a bag to put the baby in. He gives no instructions about what to do if the baby is born alive, insisting, “it's not going to happen.”

But Live Action founder Lila Rose told that a live birth is a possibility.

“Carhart prides himself on making sure that the child is dead within three hours,” she said. “Carhart is certainly denying that infants are born alive after his abortions. He's very proud of his 'success rate,' as he calls it.”

“But…if he misses the child's heart with the Digoxin shot, if it's entered into the amniotic sack or otherwise, sometimes these children have been born alive,” she added, “We know from other testimonies and from studies done in the UK and elsewhere that children do survive abortion attempts.”

Carhart seems to acknowledge as much on tape, telling the mother if her baby “came out? Oh, yeah, it probably could” survive. “Probably.”

If a mother instead calls 911, her “baby will be given the life-saving care it deserves and that the law provides [for] it,” Rose told LifeSiteNews. “I think that this recommendation to not call 911 is very dangerous for women, because that is another layer of protection for them in case the abortion is putting their health at risk.”

Carhart is all-too familiar with one such instance. Jennifer Morbelli died in his care, after being unable to contact him.

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The abortionist addresses her death in the second video, asserting that Morbelli died “of complications of the pregnancy” and that “everything from the abortion went fine.”

Carhart downplays all negative effects of abortion, denying the reality of post-abortion depression.

Instead, he tells the abortion-minded woman her experience will be “positive.”

“I think out of respect and love and honor for this baby that you’ve lost, you will find yourself being a better person,” he says.

“Postpartum depression is really very common,” he tells her, “but post-abortion depression? I can honestly tell you that I haven’t seen one person that way.”

Studies show post-abortive women have a higher rate of depression and substance abuse than mothers who deliver.

Carhart seems to revel in his status as one of only four abortionists in the country who openly admit that they will perform abortionists past 26 weeks. “‘[N]obody else’ll do it!” He adds that he saw four women at 26 weeks gestation that week.

This is the latest of a string of videos by Live Action exposing late-term abortionists who say they will take limited, or no steps, to save a baby if it is born alive.

On Thursday, the group released footage of an employee at Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Phoenix saying if a baby is born alive, “they do not resuscitate.”

A previous video showed an employee at Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center in the Bronx telling a mother, if a baby is born, flush it down the toilet. She, too, said the mother would receive a pack of items to dispose of a newborn, living or dead.

Live Action also filmed Dr. Cesare F. Santangelo of the Washington Surgi-Clinic saying if a baby were born alive during a botched abortion, “we would not help it.” On video, he likened the nearly full-term baby to “a terminal person in the hospital that had cancer.”

Santangelo later told The Washington Post that he would call 911 but thought abortionists should just “let nature take its course.”

He also condemned Live Action investigators for exposing him. “I really consider them terrorists,” he said.

“For Dr. Santagelo to call a 24-week pregnant woman a terrorist, after having just admitted he would leave struggling babies to die after surviving abortion, is a desperate attempt to distract from his own horrific actions,” responded Lila Rose, the president and founder of Live Action.

Rose, Jill Stanek, David Bereit, and other pro-life leaders led a rally last Wednesday outside Santangelo's facility in Washington, D.C., calling on authorities to investigate his practices and take action, if warranted.

Thus far, the major television networks have ignored or downplayed the latest investigation. Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have responded to previous investigations with often fuzzy claims the footage was “doctored” or “edited,” although Live Action releases its full video alongside shorter clips.

“It is our goal that people understand the brutality of the abortion procedure and how inhuman it is that we're subjecting our children to this barbaric practices,” Rose told “The late-term abortion procedure – the tearing apart of the child limb from limb, the injecting poison into a baby's heart, the snipping of the umbilical cord of the baby – these are all brutal ways to kill a baby.”

However, she said she did not want people to lose sight of the inhumanity of earlier abortions. “In a first trimester abortion, this child is often fully formed,” she said. “By 12 weeks, that baby is fully formed, has all of its internal organs, has arms, legs, and newly forming little face…that little baby is maybe 1-2 inches long.”

“That baby is ripped apart limb-from-limb or sucked out by the vacuum complete and is left to die in a waste recepticle container, where the contents of the uterus including that precious life, is ripped apart.”

The only difference between early and late-term abortions is that “the procedure is getting more and more violent to complete the goal of the abortonist, which is to kill the child.”

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