Video Debunks Overpopulation “Myth” with Simple Math

Wed Feb 17, 2010 - 12:15 pm EST

By Kathleen Gilbert

FRONT ROYAL, Virginia, February 17, 2010 ( - Armed with basic math and a wry sense of humor, the Population Research Institute (PRI) has released the second in a series of YouTube cartoons designed to refute the "myth" of overpopulation. 

The latest video deftly refutes the common misconception that world population is exploding, pointing out how fertility rates all over the world are shrinking exponentially - and even leaving humanity at the brink of a demographic winter.

“No one who views this video will ever be taken in by the myth of overpopulation again,” said PRI president Steven Mosher.

Joel Bockrath, PRI Vice President for Operations, said that the group launched the website behind the videos,, to provide a cutting-edge new resource against the overpopulation myth.  “We’re very excited about this site," said Bockrath.

“All of our science is backed up by credible sources and downloadable. We think this could be a valuable resource for students and teachers especially, who may feel alone defending a sometimes unpopular position," he added.

The first video, which now has been viewed over 75,000 times, exposes the history of the overpopulation myth. 

Click here to visit PRI’s web site.

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