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Editor’s Note: This article is the sixth of a series on the role of the U.S. government in orchestrating a bioterrorism attack upon their own citizens utilizing “biowarfare agents” marketed as “COVID-19 vaccines.” All current articles of the series can be accessed here.

(LifeSiteNews) – A 46-minute “video essay” produced by a married couple based in the Pittsburgh metro area provides a compelling, accessible summary of the complex legal structures that have been put in place over decades by the U.S. government to intentionally “commit a genocide against their own people” utilizing “biological weapons” marketed as “COVID-19 vaccines.”

JP and Julie Collins produced “The New Constitution: Living War Crimes,” after discovering and studying the research of Katherine Watt and Alexandra “Sasha” Latypova that also demonstrates how these injectables were fully produced, controlled, and distributed by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), which managed to classify them not as medicines or pharmaceuticals but as “COVID countermeasures” under the authority of the military.

This means these biological injections were never required to comply with U.S. law governing the manufacturing quality, testing, effectiveness, safety, and labeling of drugs or other medical products. Despite these facts, a “fake theatrical” public relations campaign was orchestrated to give the impression to an unsuspecting population that these standard safeguards were indeed in place.

JP and Julie Collins begin their presentation by recalling the 2020 shutdowns of businesses and schools under the guise of fighting a virus, and the perplexity of Americans when they saw lawsuits filed for breaches of constitutional protections being “thrown out by federal judges who took an oath to protect the Constitution.”

In answering why this was happening, they highlight legislation from the 1983 Public Health Emergencies Program (PHEP) along with the new international health regulations instituted by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2005 that “included more surveillance and quarantine power, [and] forced treatment of medical interventions.”

The PHEP passed under the Reagan administration “concentrated more power into the hands of the Health and Human Services Secretary whenever a public health emergency [PHE] has been declared. Once they’ve declared it, the HHS secretary is the only one who can suspend it. This closed loop is a concentration of power into the hands of an unelected individual.”

Under the PHE, which was first declared in January 2020 during the Trump administration and has been repeatedly renewed since then, the HHS Secretary at the time, Alex Azar, and Biden administration secretary Xavier Becerra “hold more power than the U.S. Constitution itself,” Julie explained.

And when public health statutes and laws started introducing non-scientific terms such as “asymptomatic carrier” and “precommunicable,” this allowed authorization from the HHS Secretary for the quarantining of healthy individuals, along with their isolation, forced inoculation, and even the right to experiment on them against their will “all in the name of public health.”

COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ ‘not actually a pharmaceutical drug’ but a military ‘bioweapon’

They also highlight the story of whistleblower Brook Jackson, who witnessed many examples of fraud during her former employer’s conducting of COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials on behalf of Pfizer in the fall of 2020.

In a lawsuit against Jackson’s accusations, the pharmaceutical giant produced documents revealing they were under “no legal obligation to conduct valid or clean clinical trials because the only goods and services being paid for by the U.S. government was for a large-scale manufacturing demonstration of a prototype,” JP explained.

“The American people were lied to and told that these prototypes were safe and effective vaccines when in actuality no safety, no efficacy testing could even back up that statement,” he continued.

The documents revealed by Pfizer in this regard also make clear that this “prototype” product is “a countermeasure or bioweapon and not actually a pharmaceutical drug, since it’s a prototype product deployed by a military project rather than a pharmaceutical product distributed for public health,” Julie said.

“In fact, in Ms. Latypova’s research of these contracts, she finds that DOD’s own language repeats the term ‘countermeasure’ frequently throughout.

“What is a countermeasure? It’s a vaccine, right? Not at all. A countermeasure is a weapon. For instance, the Department of Defense will instruct the U.S. Army to deploy countermeasures to attack enemy combatants. The DOD has been pretty transparent that they’re instructing their contractors, subcontractors, agents, defense contractors and the pharmaceutical companies to deploy ‘countermeasures,’ not ‘vaccines,’ on the global population with a particular concentration on U.S. citizens,” she explained.

Furthermore, “no one really knows what’s in the vials because that information, according to the Department of Defense, is classified,” she said. And “the price for this shoddy, packaged performance art is an unimaginable horror never before witnessed by the global population.”

Marking the extraordinary statistics of excess mortality across the globe and with fitting imagery, Julie laments the “hundreds of thousands of innocent bodies [who] have been disfigured as a result of the deployment of this countermeasure. Hundreds of thousands of innocent souls have left this planet, their bodies buried in too many graves to count.”

“Both Alex Azar and Xavier Becerra deployed these countermeasures onto an unsuspecting and uninformed population. Based on this fraudulent arrangement these agencies had with each other and their collusion to knowingly keep the potential dangers of these prototypes from the public makes them complicit in these ongoing war crimes,” she said.

“We should be preparing for military tribunals and convictions of the … [many] players who have participated in war crimes against an innocent population,” Julie said.

Congress achieved ‘the shredding of the Constitution,’ cannot intervene in HHS directives, nor can state governments nor even the judicial system

The Collinses move on to ask if elected representatives in Washington will stop such massive crimes, pointing out that Congress has already “eliminated their own oversight power” by creating statutes that concentrate all such power into the hands of “one single dictator,” the HHS Secretary, “who at this moment is Xavier Becerra.”

“Ultimately what Congress achieved is the shredding of the Constitution once and for all by reversing hundreds of years of protections in a document that represents a simple American standard that all humans are to be treated with dignity and all humans are free,” they said.

Therefore, since “Congress is one of the key players in the war crimes, it’s hardly realistic to believe that they would reverse them.”

“So, as of right now, the HHS secretary can suspend all in the name of public health anytime he wants with zero intervention from the very members of Congress,” Julie explained.

“Congress has eliminated their own power to intervene in any public health regulation that might be a war crime. Also added into these structural congressional features is that no federal judge can even review these declarations, let alone override them, leaving them solely within the power of the HHS’s discretion. This means there is no judicial review and no states can wield any state power or even file lawsuits to undermine or even review or question the dictates of the HHS,” she exclaimed.

Observing that most people don’t understand the “structural features that Congress built into the law,” there have been many lawsuits filed with the majority of them being dismissed. The others run their course serving as “theater and a way to generate false hope to the masses,” JP said.

“All power around public health law, which includes quarantining and isolating the public, has been handed over to the HHS secretary. Until the HHS secretary stops announcing that we are in a public health crisis or until the Health and Human Services Department is completely dismantled, and all the tentacles that operate under the purview of its dictate are undermined once and for all, the war crimes, power grabs and human rights violations outside of due process will continue,” he explained.

‘You are witnessing ongoing, legalized, carefully crafted, secretive, protected war crimes’

Thus, “the US government has attempted to suspend the U.S. Constitution and all federal and state laws, constitutions, legislatures and courts capable of blocking the systemic military medical martial law atrocities they have committed to date and are attempting to render permanent,” JP said.

In short, Julie explains, “You are witnessing ongoing, legalized, carefully crafted, secretive, protected war crimes. Not only has the U.S. Constitution been rendered impotent and ineffective, cunningly replaced with the 1944 Public Health Service Act, but you are witnessing in real time a reversal of basic human rights and moral freedoms.”

“You’re witnessing the reversal of Nuremberg trials. For in the Nuremberg trials, those doctors and civil servants who were found guilty were hanged by the neck until dead.

“When you hear people say, ‘We never want to see the atrocities of the Holocaust repeated in the modern age,’ they aren’t talking about the death camps, experiments on humans and human rights violations and outright murder. What they are saying is ‘we must draft legislation, craft scenarios and cement contracts to protect war criminals from ever having to face the gallows again,’” Julie concluded.


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