COLUMBUS, OH, August 22, 2013 ( – Graphic depictions of aborted babies have saved the lives of two babies, according to a pro-life group.

In a new video, “Justice Riders” from the group Created Equal confirm that two abortion-minded mothers changed their minds after seeing their displays and talking with the young women who erected them.

Only two days into Created Equal’s summer Justice Ride (which was modeled after the civil rights movement's “freedom rides”), a young woman reported the first save in Columbus, Ohio.

Another followed days later in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

In Indiana, a mother of two girls was pregnant and did not feel able to take care of a third child. One of the Justice Riders, Anna, says the woman was “contemplating abortion very seriously.”

The mother had been staring at the Created Equal display for awhile before Anna approached her.

“She said, ‘After seeing your images, I couldn’t imagine doing this to my own child,’” Anna remembered.

“In the end, she said she was going to keep her baby,” Anna said with a smile.

Amelia followed in the video with a story of a young mother in Columbus, Ohio, who also viewed a Created Equal display.

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The mother told Amelia, “I’m eight weeks pregnant and I heard the heartbeat and everything.” However, the mother was still intent on having an abortion.

But seeing the victims of abortion brought home the reality of abortion.

“It’s really touching to feel that we are actually making a difference and we are actually saving lives,” Amelia said.