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Video: Late-term abortionist clutches newborn to her chest during speech to abortion rally

Ben Johnson

COLUMBUS, October 11, 2013 ( – Abortionist Lisa K. Perriera cuddled her two-week-old son to her breast. Meanwhile, the emcee at the podium next to her introduced the abortionist to the crowd, shouting, “She's an abortion provider! She's a mother! And she knows what to do!”

Then, wIth her newborn lying peacefully against her body, Perriera proceeded to decry a state law banning the abortion of babies who are so far along that they could live outside the womb, to a crowd of 350 Ohioans at the state capitol.

Video footage posted online by Ohio Right to Life shows Perriera telling the October 2 "We Won't Go Back" rally in Columbus that new state laws have harmed her Cleveland-area abortion business.

Dr. Perriera works at Preterm, which proudly bills itself as “the largest independent abortion provider in the state.”

Governor John Kasich signed The Viable Infants Protection Act in July 2011, prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks unless the pregnancy carries the “serious risk of the substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function.”

Any potential abortion at that late date must be assessed to see if the unborn child is capable of surviving outside the mother's womb. If the test is positive, the child's life must be preserved.

“We had to perform viability testing,” Perriera said, complaining that she "couldn't care for” the parents of a child at 23-weeks' gestation who were seeking an abortion. “Instead, I had to refer them to the closest state without a viability testing law.”

The rally, which was also attended by Feminist Majority Foundation President Ellie Smeal, came after Ohio Republicans added several pro-life provisions to the state budget, including a measure requiring doctors to search for a fetal heartbeat and inform the mother if she has found one.

“I'm forced now to listen to the fetal heartbeat one last time and to offer them the ability to hear it,” Perriera said. “I'm also forced to tell them what the probability is of them carrying that pregnancy to term.”

The ACLU is now threatening to sue to overturn the provisions.

Perriera specialized in performing abortions as late as 23 weeks. She is also an Ob/Gyn on staff at University Hospitals Cleveland and an Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Case Western Reserve University's School of Medicine.

She has used her university perch to perform studies that would benefit the abortion industry.

She co-authored a study that claimed following up a chemical abortion by telephone was “a feasible alternative to routine” (and more costly and time-consuming) office visits.

She also complained about the state's regulation of the off-label use of mifepristone, which she said is “even more effective, for less money, less medicine, less hassle.” 

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Her most recent peer-reviewed article, “When parents do not want their daughters on birth control pills: tips for navigating a difficult clinical situation,” was co-authored by CWRU colleague Marjorie Greenfield in February 2012. 

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