Video: Angry woman drenches priest with garden hose during pro-life demonstration

Fr. Ron Meyer told LifeSiteNews he typically turns the other cheek, "but maybe there is a time to push back.”
Thu Aug 22, 2013 - 2:27 pm EST

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario, August 22, 2013 ( – A priest is considering pressing charges against an angry woman who drove him away from a public sidewalk during a pro-life demonstration with a jet of water from her garden hose.

“Her husband turned on the hose, and she sprayed it on me,” Father Ron Meyer told

“As pro-life people we put Jesus’ message of love and forgiveness into practice," he said. "But maybe there is a time to push back, so that [abortion activists] realize they can’t do whatever they want to us and get away with it.”

Fr. Meyer, who is pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Cardiff, Ontario, was participating in a Show the Truth campaign on Thursday in Peterborough along Chemong road. The pro-life strategy aims at showing the truth of abortion to the Canadian public through the use of large graphic images.

As Fr. Meyer was peacefully holding his sign on the sidewalk in front of a residential house, with his sign facing the busy road, a woman exited the house demanding that the priest turn his sign away.


Fr. Meyer obliged, angling his sign away from the residence. But the woman was not satisfied.

Amateur video of the event shows Fr. Meyer walking away from the woman as she drenched him with the garden hose. At one point the priest can be seen turning his sign towards the woman as a shield against the deluge.

The woman can be heard shouting, “You know what’s unnecessary, is showing my kids those pictures.”

“She only did one side of me. The other side was still kinda hot,” Fr. Meyer joked. “Maybe I should’ve stayed there longer and gotten more of a soaking.”

Fr. Meyer said the soaking was not exactly "an expression of charity or thoughtfulness."

"She was expressing her animosity towards what I am doing as a pro-life individual,” he said. 

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The four day pro-life campaign was met with a small but vocal counter protest. At one point a woman waived a coat hanger toward oncoming traffic shouting “abort all of the children”.

“My opinion is we need more population control,” the woman can be heard saying on video captured of the event. 

Cynthia Bredfeldt told LifeSiteNews that on the last day of the demonstration, she and her 17 year-old daughter were stalked by the pro-abortion protestors. The mother and daughter were followed during their journey by car to a lunch destination with the pro-abortion protestors taking pictures of the car’s license plate upon arrival.

“As you can imagine, this behaviour was very intimidating and I had fears of them posting the licence plate number of the car my 17-year-old daughter drives on the Internet,” said Bredfeldt.

Bredfeldt reported the incident to the police.

She said that although the pro-abortion stalkers presented a “stressful challenge”, their actions did not hamper her desire to continue “defending life” and to make plans to attend another campaign next summer.

Fr. Meyer can understand why the graphic images cause people to become angry.

“The public needs to realize that, in spite of the omission and negligence of the media, abortion is not some minor little matter. These pictures help convey the ugliness of abortion,” he said.

Fr. Meyer wondered how many people would remain pro-abortion once encountering the gruesome violence of abortion as depicted in the images.

“As Fr. Frank Pavone [of Priests for Life] says, unless we see the pictures we won’t turn away from abortion,” he said.

The Catholic priest looks forward to future involvement in pro-life demonstrations.

“I’m trying to do my bit to promote a culture of life,” he said. 

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