October 26, 2011 ( – A video released recently by Pro-Life Wisconsin, shows abortion clinic workers laughing as an ambulance pulls up outside the facility to fetch a woman injured from a botched abortion.

According to the pro-life organization, this is “at least” the third time this year that an ambulance has shown up at the abortion facility after a botched abortion.

“Those who lobby for abortion’s legality claim that if abortion were made illegal, women would have to resort to dirty, back-alley abortions,” Pro-Life Wisconsin wrote on their website. “But the reverse has actually happened — as was sadly illustrated with Kermit Gosnell’s ‘House of Horrors’ abortuary in Philadelphia, the dirty, back-alley abortions are legal and no one is watching.”

“Abortion facilities in Milwaukee are not subject to health inspections,” the group continued. “Some days the smell of death — blood and flesh — can be smelled wafting out of AMS when the staff open the doors.”

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