By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

NEUQUÉN, ARGENTINA, September 24, 2008 (LifeSiteNews)—Argentinean feminists participating in a the annual National Women’s Encounter viciously attacked pro-life protesters in the city of Neuquen, who stood in front of the Cathedral to protect it from desecration, according to the catholic news agency ACI Prensa, which posted a video of the events on YouTube (

Repeating last years assault on the cathedral in Cordoba (, where they held their previous meeting, the feminists are shown spitting in the face of pro-lifers, throwing bottles at them, taking their banner by force and burning it, and hurling anti-Catholic insults.

The pro-lifers are seen standing in a line in front of the cathedral with their arms locked, beneath a poster showing a child killed by abortion, and praying the rosary.

Last year’s National Women’s Encounter resulted in a similar disturbance in front of the cathedral in Cordoba, where meeting participants exploded in a frenzy of obscenity and violence as they marched by pro-lifers, who stood beneath a sign that said “Cordoba Defends Life”. They exposed their genitals and threw paint at the cathedral, and attacked at least one girl, whom the police refused to help. Meeting participants also reportedly attacked other participants who refused to take a pro-abortion position