By Kathleen Gilbert

PALM SPRINGS, California, November 10, 2008 ( – Video footage from KPSP CBS 2 Palm Spring News shows Proposition 8 protesters surrounding an elderly woman and the reporter trying to interview her, shouting and blocking the camera’s view of the woman, ultimately forcing the two to flee from the encircling crowd.

Phyllis Burgess, a supporter of true marriage, had been assaulted earlier as she displayed a large cross in front of the protesters. Video footage shows the anti-marriage crowd pushing Burgess, slapping the cross out of her hand and stomping on it as they surround her.

When reporter Kimberly Chang attempted to interview Burgess shortly thereafter, she grew visibly upset as dozens of protesters encircled the pair and shouted them down while blocking the camera with their signs, rendering the interview impossible.

“As you can see right now, we are being a little attacked here,” Chang said. Burgess then told Chang she thought they needed to call the police.

The journalist attempted to continue her story by yelling over the crowd, at which point the protesters erupted in noise, drowning her out. (To see the KPSP CBS 2 footage, go to:

True marriage supporters, particularly religious groups, have felt the ire of same-sex “marriage” advocates ever since California’s Proposition 8 was passed last Tuesday. Proposition 8 places the true definition of marriage in the state constitution.

“In California, marriage advocates faced intimidation, vandalism, the ire of Hollywood stars and opposition from Internet moguls,” said Concerned Women for America (CWA) in a statement Friday. However, “marriage proved more important to the voters than threats or approval from cultural elites.”

Same-sex “marriage” advocates are now pursuing several lawsuits against Proposition 8 in an attempt to overturn the democratic process through the courts. This effort echoes the imposition of same-sex “marriage” by activist judges on the state earlier this year. The California Supreme Court decided to legalize same-sex “marriage” despite the fact that Californian citizens had resoundingly voted to protect true marriage in a 2000 referendum.

By refusing to respect voters’ opinion, says CWA, “It would destroy trust in the judicial system.

“In demanding that they get their way, homosexual activists are threatening public safety and the integrity of our system of government.”

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