WASHINGTON, DC, December 16, 2011 ( – Today LifeSiteNews publishes the video of a very special talk that we believe answers many of the questions and criticisms from some quarters regarding LSN reports on homosexuality, Catholic social justice agencies and other controversial issues. At 54 minutes, it is the longest video we have ever posted, but we believe that you will find it both fascinating and informative.

On June 25, 2011 LifeSiteNews Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen gave this powerful and moving talk to a Toronto, Canada audience. Westen, in a personal way, presented an overview of LSN reporting philosophy related especially to the most controversial issues covered by this news service. John-Henry received a standing ovation from the conference audience at the end of his presentation.

There are consistent themes tying the entire talk together as well as specific divisions within the talk as follows:

1. The first 14 and one-half minutes addresses the reasons, experiences and philosophy behind LifeSiteNews coverage of the homosexual issue.

2. Beginning at 14:35 the Development and Peace controversy is addressed in detail with much supporting evidence of the LifeSiteNews coverage and in response to the intense criticism from some quarters regarding that coverage.

3. Beginning at 37:33 John-Henry addresses what LifeSiteNews sees as being “true social justice” action as opposed to the often more limited definition of “social justice” of agencies such as the Canadian bishops’ D&P, the US bishops’ CCHD and others.”

4. The talk ends with John-Henry relating some very personal experiences, starting at 45:28, on the subject, “suffering for the cause of life.”

Although the talk was given to a Canadian audience it would also be of considerable interest to our readers from the US and other nations.

We urge all LifeSiteNews readers to take the opportunity to view the video in its entirety at some time over the next several days or later.

See the video, The LifeSiteNews road to Caritas and Veritate (Truth in Love) here.