HOLLYWOOD, October 11, 2012 ( – A new documentary produced by Shadowline Films exposes the three deadliest words in the world: “It’s a Girl.” Although the full film has yet to be released, the trailer is already making waves on the web and in theatres worldwide, shining a spotlight on female “gendercide,” the systematic and methodical extermination of the female gender group.


The theme takes no greater significance on the International Day of the Girl, which is observed today.

“It’s a Girl,” takes a look at the circumstances that have lead to a deadly toll. The film states, “200 million girls the United Nations reports are ‘missing’ in the world today,” because they were “killed, aborted or abandoned simply because they are girls.”

To put that into perspective, “Today, India and China eliminate more girls than the number of girls born in America every year.”

The film features stories of abandoned and trafficked girls, women who suffer extreme dowry-related violence, of brave mothers fighting to save their daughters’ lives, and of other mothers who would kill for a son. 

The most moving story belongs to an Indian woman who appears to chuckle while speaking of burying eight of her daughters whom she killed herself She was holding out for a boy.  The contradictions in her psyche are on display: her lack of remorse, the preservation of their dignity in burial, her flippancy in practicing infanticide. She calls them her children, but she was their executioner.

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The filmmakers interview the families victimized by government population control policies, those forced into cooperation with those policies, and still others entrenched in deadly cultural traditions. This expanse includes the Chinese families whose children are killed by their country’s Birth Control agents, Indian families killing their girls in preference of sons, and still other Chinese families who have abandoned their own daughters to the elements.  Still, there are many who have preserved their sense of humanity and evaded authorities, but only by fleeing their homes in order to save their daughters.

Rather than leave the viewer without hope, the film comes with a call to action. The full film will prove to be a worthwhile education, sure to turn a horrified citizen of the world into a capable advocate.

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Amnesty International’s 2012 REEL AWARENESS film festival in Toronto has invited the filmmakers to screen the documentary in November.  Visit the website to find screenings near you or to host your own screening.