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Serial sex offender Matthew “Madilyn” Harks, 36, has allegedly terrorized female inmates at a number of prisons.

OTTAWA, December 3, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Correctional Services Canada (CSC) has been quietly transferring some of the country’s most notorious and violent male criminals to women’s prisons because they are claiming to be “female.”

Former inmate and prison advocate Heather Mason told the Toronto Sun’s Brad Hunter last week that male criminals housed with women include serial pedophile Matthew “Madilyn” Harks (reportedly now released); contract killer Fallon Aubee; child killer and rapist “Tara” Desousa (formerly Adam Laboucane); murderer John “Jamie” Boulachanis, and serial sex offender Patrick “Tara” Pearsall.

Moreover, a June 2019 Facebook post by Mason reveals that CSC is implicitly aware of the danger these men present to female inmates, reported Karen Finlay in in October 2019.

Mason wrote that an inmate in Grand Valley Institute in Ontario — one of Canada’s six federal women penitentiaries — told her in a phone call that medical staff were “handing out the morning after pill” to female prisoners.

“They currently have three ‘trans’ inmates here and I use the term trans loosely here because they are openly telling the other female inmates they are not really trans. They are only at GVI to have sex with the females,” she noted.


Half the population “is in an uproar” she wrote, but the warden allegedly told the women inmates than any of them who had a problem with the situation “could go to psychology.”

CSC confirmed to LifeSiteNews that people are indeed placed in prisons based on their “gender identity.” 

“The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) implemented an Interim Policy Bulletin on Gender Identity or Expression in December 2017, as a result of changes to the Canadian Human Rights Act, to ensure that offenders who identify as transgender are afforded the same protections, dignity and treatment as others. As per the interim policy, offenders may be placed in a men’s or women’s institution that reflects their gender identity if that is their preference, regardless of their anatomy or identification documents, unless there are overriding health or safety concerns that cannot be resolved,” Véronique Rioux of CSC stated. 

CSC confirmed in response to a September 2019 access-to-information request by Canadian investigator April Halley that eight men were transferred from male to female federal prisons between June 1, 2017 — when Justin Trudeau Liberals passed Bill C-16 adding “gender identity” and “gender expression” to Canada’s human rights code — and December 3, 2018.

Seven of the eight were convicted of violent crimes: two of first degree murder, three of second degree murder, two of sexual offences and other violent crimes excluding first and second degree murder, Halley wrote in an October 2019 article in Quillette.

That data excludes Harks and Desousa, who have had surgery to make them appear to be female and “are considered female by CSC,” she wrote. The actual number of males in Canadian women’s prisons is unknown.

But those who are known are terrifying by any measure.

Desousa is serving an indefinite sentence as a dangerous offender in Fraser Valley Institute in British Columbia after being convicted of raping a three-month-old baby boy in Quesnel, BC in 1999, when he was 15. 

The attack was so violent the infant required reconstructive surgery, and Desousa then “mutilated himself and ate his own flesh,” the Toronto Sun reported in April 2018, when Desousa underwent “gender reassignment surgery” in prison, including getting DD breast implants.

Desousa also admitted to drowning a three-year-old child when he was 11, but because he was under 12 at the time of the murder, no charges were laid, it reported.

He now “reportedly hovers around the mother-child program” at the B.C. penitentiary, and according to Mason, “is violent and very sexually aggressive,” Hunter wrote.

As for serial pedophile “Madilyn” Harks, the Calgary Herald reported in 2016 that he was potentially facing charges for “three alleged offences that took place recently while [Harks] was in custody: assault, unlawful confinement and sexual assault,” Halley noted. 

The Vancouver Sun reported in March 2019, after Harks was released to a halfway house in Brampton, that he had assaulted two female inmates who were “childlike in appearance.”

After Harks’ supervision order was rescinded because of public outcry, he was sent to Grand Valley, where he allegedly sexually harassed a female inmate. 

She filed a grievance September 17, 2019 asserting CSC staff “failed to intervene” even though they were aware Harks was harassing her, reports Halley.

The inmate had a “history of childhood sexual abuse that was perpetrated by a male, so her “confinement with Harks, and the failure of CSC to relocate her, was deeply triggering. She is citing multiple violations of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act,” Halley wrote.

Harks “recently was released from the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Ontario, according to Halley.

CSC originally denied a request by convicted murderer “Jamie” Boulachanis to transfer to a women’s prison, because of his history of multiple escapes, but a federal court ruled in August the denial was discriminatory, Finlay reported.

Then there’s Christopher Bellmore, a 54-year-old man convicted of two counts of murder in 2002 who was moved to Grand Valley, the National Post’s Christie Blatchford reported in October 2017.

The women’s penitentiary has “a minimum security residential-style apartment unit” and “residential-style small group accommodation houses for minimum and medium-security inmates in an open campus design model,” and Bellmore “is housed in a unit with as many as 11 women,” she wrote.

There’s also Donald “Dawna”  Brown, a dangerous offender who brutally killed two men, who was transferred to Grand Valley in May 2019 after a “three-year battle by the inmate’s fiancé and the Barrie Pride organization,” according to Finlay.

Brown was convicted of manslaughter in 1994 for fatally stabbing “a dope dealer he said had ripped him off” and was sent to prison. On parole in 2001, Brown beat another man to death, and was sent back to jail. He is HIV positive and has taken hormone pills for decades to “feminize his appearance,” she wrote.

Housing women with men in prison is “cruel and unusual punishment,” Halley points out, and Mason agrees.

“If you speak up or say anything, you’re called ‘transphobic’ or a ‘Terf’ or what you say is ‘hate speech’,” she told Hunter.

“Women are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. We are being erased … everything we fought for is being taken away.”

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