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2020 Women's March in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 28, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) ― A viral video comparing Friday’s March for Life to the pro-abortion Women’s March stresses their completely different worldviews.  

In the video, with more than 74,000 views at publication time, a spokesman for TFP (Tradition, Family, and Property) Student Action notes that the two marches held in Washington, D.C. this month “reveals a clash of two Americas.” 

“With vulgar, obscene, and even blasphemous displays, the Women’s March yells for unrestricted abortion, climate alarmism, and tribal anarchy,” he continues. 

The narrator observes that the Women’s March is “shrinking in numbers” while the March for Life is “bubbling with vitality, purpose, and hope.” 

One crucial difference between the groups is their grasp of what “the preeminent issue of our time” is. March for Life participants interviewed are unanimous in that it is abortion and respect for human life. Women’s March participants say “rights,” “freedom for all,” “gun control,” “climate change,” and “lack of representation.” 

Another difference lies in whom each group takes as a model of womanly heroism. Asked to name the greatest women in history, participants in the Women’s March mention ailing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and even a non-woman, drag queen Marsha P. Johnson. Participants in the March for Life overwhelmingly name the Blessed Virgin Mary as the greatest woman in history. 

“Yet this individual at the Women’s March attacked the Virgin Mary,” the narrator reveals, showing an irate woman shouting remarks about “Mary” at a pro-lifer with a bullhorn. She appears to be screaming “Mary was raped” at least some of the time. 

A question about patriarchy led to enthusiastic responses from participants in the Women’s March but reluctance from two women in the March for Life to see it as a problem or even a reality. 

“I don’t believe that there is this invisible patriarchy that has been organized by all men across  the world to oppress women,” says a young lady.

“I certainly don’t feel oppressed in my daily life.” 

A question about President Donald Trump and his commitment to life also led to markedly different answers. Pro-life marchers stated that Trump is the “most pro-life president in history” whereas the Women’s March participants interviewed for the TFP Student Action film either denied it or said that “since we’ve seen him we’ve actually moved back in women’s rights by probably 30 years.” 

Startlingly, many of the Women’s March participants interviewed did not think there should be any restrictions on abortion and at least two denied that there was any such thing as “post-birth abortion.” In contrast, a young pro-lifer was left aghast when she learned that the governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, has proposed that the survival of aborted babies born alive be left to their parents’ wishes.  

“Ultimately, the struggle is between those who love God and follow His holy law, and those who love the father of lies and the culture of death,” the narrator concludes.