Virginia attorney general: Planned Parenthood shows ‘open willingness’ to aid sex trafficking

Last week, Cuccinelli told said that he found the undercover videos by Live Action “shocking.”
By Rebecca Millette

By Rebecca Millette

VIRGINIA, February 8, 2011 ( – Planned Parenthood has shown an “open willingness” to aid in illegal sex trafficking of minors, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli told Fox News on Sunday.

Last week the pro-life group Live Action released undercover footage from four Planned Parenthood (PP) facilities ( in Virginia, along with another in New Jersey, that show PP staff willing to aid and abet sexual trafficking and prostitution of minors. 

Another video from a New York Planned Parenthood was released this morning.

The footage shows a man who identifies himself as a pimp working with underage girls. He seeks assistance for getting abortions, STD testing and birth control for girls he “manages” as sex workers, who are from out of the country and as young as 14 to 15 years old.

In each case, Planned Parenthood staffers assured the “pimp” that whatever “services” they provided would be completely confidential, and that acquiring abortions and birth control for the underage girls would not be a problem.

Live Action sent a letter and unedited video footage to AG Cuccinelli requesting that he launch an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s actions.

The Attorney General said the footage reveals a “willingness to support sex trafficking of minors“ on the part of PP. 

“What you don’t have is an actual case of it on film, but what you do have is clearly an open willingness of several organizations, meaning subsidiaries of Planned Parenthood nationally, in the same category, sex trafficking of minors, and an open willingness to participate in this,” said the AG.

Last week, Cuccinelli told CBS6 that he found the videos “shocking.” “It’s appalling that anyone so blithely would talk about the sex trafficking of minors and be willing to lie to help accomplish it … It’s just astonishing.”

Cuccinelli pointed out that the videos have been released “at a time that we are trying to deal with human trafficking.” But given that there are “institutions already in place in Virginia and across America, Planned Parenthood in this case, who are happily willing to aid and abet” trafficking, he said,“you can see how it can flourish.”

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