John Jalsevac


Virginia shelves bill saying life begins at conception until 2013

John Jalsevac

February 24, 2012 ( – On Thursday the Virginia Senate voted to send personhood legislation back to committee in a 24-14 vote, effectively killing the bill until 2013.

Earlier this month the Republican-led House of Delegates had passed the bill by a vote of 66 to 32.

The legislation states that unborn children “at every stage of development” are considered persons. It would not have affected abortion access in the state but would have simply affirmed the scientific fact of when a human life begins.

Mathew Staver, Chairman of Liberty Counsel Action, lamented the demise of the legislation saying, “Every legislator should understand one simple and basic truth – that human life begins at conception. If government leaders cannot understand this essential fact, they have no business serving in public office.”

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