Virginia’s governor vetoes abortion defunding bill at Planned Parenthood

'We’re here today to smack down the latest attack on women’s health care rights.'
Wed Mar 30, 2016 - 2:12 pm EST
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Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe receives petitions from Planned Parenthood at his office on March 7, 2016. Michaele White, Governor's Office / Flickr

RICHMOND, Virginia, March 30, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- A pro-life bill that would shift most of Virginia's funding for abortion groups to public health groups, hospitals, and other organizations that focus on health care has been vetoed by Governor Terry McAuliffe.

“We’re here today to smack down the latest attack on women’s health care rights," said McAuliffe in a press conference. “It’s no secret that this bill is aimed at destroying Planned Parenthood.”

McAuliffe's statement and veto came at the Richmond headquarters of the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood.

In addition to shifting funding, the legislation would have made it illegal for Virginia state officials to contract with organizations that provide abortions, except for hospitals. Exceptions were included for rape, incest, and major fetal abnormalities.

“I am disappointed that Governor McAuliffe chose to veto this important legislation that would redirect taxpayer dollars toward more comprehensive providers of health care services for women,” said bill sponsor Delegate Ben Cline. “The governor is clearly listening to his friends in the abortion lobby, rather than ensuring that women have access to quality care."

The Catholic McAuliffe has long been a supporter of abortion. An ally of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who supports publicly-funded abortions until the day of birth, he told reporters that "without this service, we could see an increase in STDs, more complications with pregnancies and an increase in health issues among newborns."

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