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Voice of the Family, a worldwide coalition of pro-life and pro-family groups formed in support of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family that took place at the Vatican in October, has launched a prayer appeal to support the Synod Fathers as they prepare for the Ordinary Synod on the Family in October 2015.

“Advent, which marks the beginning of a new year in the Church’s calendar, is a time of deep anticipation of the birth of Our Saviour into the world and into our hearts,” states the organization on their website. “This Advent is also the beginning of the year which will lead to the Synod on Family in October 2015.”

“This is a time to pray unceasingly for our families and the family of families, the Church. The architects of the recently concluded Extraordinary Synod are responsible for increasing the moral confusion which has been ravaging families since the sexual revolution of the 1960s,” the group states.

“Voice of the Family now looks to those courageous pastors who sought, throughout this Synod, to defend our faith and our families, praying that their leadership will dispel the moral confusion which currently reigns so widely in the Church.”

“The stakes are high,” Voice of the Family stresses, “since every attack on the fundamental value of the family is an attack on the true good of humanity.”

Voice of the Family recognizes that the Synod provides an important opportunity to take concrete steps to address the attacks on family and crisis in the Church by giving a renewed impetus to the “New Evangelization,” emphasizing that if the Synod is to be effective it is essential that the teaching of the Church is affirmed clearly and without ambiguity.

The prayer appeal website has a sign-up section and suggests support for the Synod Fathers with prayer, by:

  • remembering their intentions at daily Mass
  • remembering their intentions in daily Rosary
  • participating in Eucharistic Adoration
  • praying one of the recommended prayers daily (included on the website)
  • fasting
  • praying with the whole family.

“Please join us and families across the world in daily prayer for the Synod Fathers. We simply want to form the most powerful support for the Synod Fathers, upon whose voice our families can confidently rely,” the appeal concludes.

The prayer appeal and news and information from Voice of the Family are available here.